Friday, August 29, 2014

Anita Sarkeesian Driven Out Of Her Home By Gamers?

The Shit Fundies Say 17 - Demonic Possession

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ebola Cures the Gay Atheist

Ray Comfort, 747s, and Explosions

Christians Will Be Smeared, Arrested, Or Killed!

Such a tough time to be a Christian in America....

If the load from Rick Wiles was not enough for you, Matt Barber has one that's way more dramatic. I'll give you a link. I don't know about you, but I'm growing rather tired of this persecution bullshit. Because that's exactly what it is, bullshit. Let me tell you why.

In the town where I live, I can't drive anywhere without passing a church. I pass 3 or 4 of them on the way to work depending on which route I take. None of them are megachurches, but there's plenty of those across America. I don't think churches with stadium seating that can hold thousands of people are a sign of Christian persecution. Neither are multi-millionaire professional evangelists. Moving on, 3/4 of Americans identify as some sort of a Christian as do all but an extreme minority of politicians. Persecuting most of the population does not make any sense. We have Christian schools, colleges and universities. Christian TV networks, as well as printed and online publications. These are out in the public square. Christian themed billboards practically litter the highways and Christian holidays are the only ones that get any attention in the popular media. If there was any true tyranny against Christians, you would not see any of this. Recently, it was a predominantly Christian Supreme Court who allowed a for-profit Christian-owned business to be recognized as a "person with deeply held religious beliefs." The same Supreme Court also allowed government meetings to start with prayer. Some states have passed "religious freedom" bills that allow people with deeply held beliefs to discriminate and up until recently most states outlawed same-sex marriage.

It looks rather clear that Christians are not only not being persecuted, but those making the claims of persecution appear to be the ones who would persecute others. The message I get from the likes of Matt Barber and Rick Wiles is one of projection. That they would smear, arrest and kill if given the opportunity. I could be wrong, but that's the vibe I'm getting.

There's a few serious problems with these claims of persecution. There's people that believe this stuff. As dishonest as it may be. Lately these claims have been coupled with calls for civil disobedience. This almost sounds like conspiracy theory nonsense, but I wouldn't put it past someone like Matt Barber to encourage members of his faithful flock to get themselves arrested for Jesus to give credence to his claims of persecution.

Even without the call for civil disobedience, I think such dishonest claims could cause those who believe them to live with a certain sense of paranoia. There's enough in this world to get stressed out over, bullshit claims of persecution should not be one of them.

Finally, I really feel such claims are a flat out insult to actual victims of persecution. Providing goods, services, accommodations, or employment with out discrimination is not persecution. I'm sure there's Christians right now in certain parts of the middle east who would love to bake a cake for a gay couple as opposed to the real acts of persecution they are facing. Seriously, get the fuck over yourselves. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2 Major Scientific Evidences Against Evolution

So I came across this on Facebook today. I won't be including the video, but I will provide a link. I like the quality and style of the animation, but it's quite distracting. It was made by Answers in Genesis, and like everything from them, attention getting, but far from actual science. I'm going to cut to the chase here and give you the two evidences.

1. Life has never been observed to come from non-life.
2. There is no known observable process by which new genetic information can be added to an organism's genetic code.

The first one is the easiest to deal with. It is simply not evidence against evolution. Evolution has nothing to do with the origins of life. Even if life was proven to have been shat out by a magic sky pixie, evolution still happened. Evolution is not dependent on life coming from non-life. If you want to argue against life coming from non-life, then you argue against abiogenesis. To claim that evolution is life coming from non-life is to create a strawman argument. A strawman, by the way, is when you redefine something to be something it is not, then argue against the redefinition. If someone is telling you that evolution is life from non-life, you make them right then and there look up evolution and find the part where it says life from non-life. On the other hand, if you are making this "life from non-life' argument against evolution, whether you knew it or not, you are employing a dishonest, fallacious argument and if that is what you have to resort to in order to make your case, your case isn't worth making.

On the second one,  "no known observable process by which new genetic information can be added to an organism's genetic code." This has been observed. It's called mutation. Or gene transfer. Or gene duplication. Or reproduction. This happens all the time and has been observed, tested, documented, peer-reviewed. You know, the stuff that real scientists who have real degrees and work in real labs and wear real lab coats do. To claim it has never been observed is a flat out lie. If you have to lie to push your religion, then the only logical conclusion I can come to is that your religion is a lie as well.

The video concludes much like Ken Ham's debate with Bill Nye, with the Bible. "I have a book!" Well that's nice that you have a book, but has a god ever been observed creating heavens and earth from nothing? Has a god ever been observed creating life? Has a god ever been observed at all? Claiming "Gawd done it!" is not a path to knowledge, it a trip to the dark ages. 'Nuff said.