Thursday, July 24, 2014

Klingenschmitt Says Christian and Jews Are Demonic

If you live in Colorado, please do not vote for this asshole. If you don't live in Colorado, send this to someone who does.

10 Questions For Every Atheist

10 rather disappointing questions, but I still answered them honestly.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Todd Starnes is a Big Fat Idiot

But what else is new?

I think he's absolutely convinced Obama is going to take away his cheeseburgers and Nutter Butters, make him get SRS, and force him to be Rush Limbaugh's 5th wife.

Or maybe Newt Gingrich's 4th wife?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Idiots React to ENDA

I haven't said much in my blog lately.

I should do something about that, but for now, here's a video.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Comparing the religious to fan clubs.

Earlier today I went on a bit of a rant comparing the biggest nerds of all, the religious, to other nerds. Here's the rant -

Trekkies do not suicide bomb Star Wars conventions.
Beliebers do not protest One Direction concerts.
No Star Wars fan has ever knocked on my door asking me if I have heard the good news about Luke Skywalker.
No Twilight fan has ever threatened me with the wrath of Edward Cullen because I told them their book was poorly written.
Warhammer 40K fans are not trying to make the rules and laws listed in Imperial Infantry Man's Handbook part of local or federal government.
I have never seen Dungeons and Dragons used as a basis for discrimination.
Marvel Comics fans do not own a considerable portion of the town where I reside and force local business and law enforcement alike to bend to their will.
Anime fans do not have a rather constant and annoying presence many US airports.
Bronies are not insisting that Rainbow Dash is real and that everyone knows it and chooses to ignore it.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

ATTN PJI: A Lie For Jesus Is Still a Lie

I want to start out with a Bible verse, it's a short one.
Exodus 20:16
King James Version (KJV)
16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
That verse is actually repeated several times throughout the Bible and it is one of the 10 commandments, so I think it's kind a big deal. I bring this up because the Pacific Justice Institute, a 501 (c) non-profit organisation based out California, told a story about a transgender girl harassing other girls in a school bathroom in Colorado. This story found it's way on to ultra-conservative news services such as the Daily Mail, Examiner, and the CBN.

Some things already do not seem right about this. There's a pretty big distance between Colorado and California. Also, why is this coming through a source that claims to be for religious freedom yet does a lot of complaining about LGBT?

I'm not the only one that saw a need for some fact checking. Thankfully that has already been done by Cristan Williams at However, I do encourage anyone that is about to call bullshit or just wants to see for themselves that they check the facts on their own and contacting the school would not be a bad start.

You may also want to look for the story on the Daily Mail, but it's been deleted. You can check it on the Examiner, they posted a retraction and an apology. You can check it on the CBN, it's still there but oddly enough it was posted there before it was posted that the case was under investigation in the local news paper.

So what is the truth? The transgender girl in question is described being very shy, timid, and sweet by students, faculty and people in the local community. The school had reported there are no incidents involving this student. Students have come forward and stated there were no incidents. There are 2 recorded conversations on that reference one parent that complained. One parent complained while students, teachers and faculty have stated that there was nothing to complain about.

During this the child in question and her family have been traumatised. Can you imagine getting a call from your child's principal because the media wants to interview your child. Can you imagine even a small group of people protesting at your child's school because your child goes there? How would you like to be a teenager and receive death threats from people all over the world over something you did not do? How would you like to be publicly accused and condemned for something you did not do? How would you like to have that happen to your child? spoke to the mother of the child. There is a recording of her on their site. She sounds very upset and rightfully so.

And why would the PJI do this? Why would they harass and bully a child and serve as the catalyst for others to do the same? Their claim is that a transperson's presence in a restroom is inherently intimidating and harassing. So what does that mean? By merely walking in the restroom and squatting down in a stall she intimidated and harassed someone? That does not make her a problem. In that case, the person making the claim of harassment is the problem. This claim that she is inherently intimidating and harassing serves as an admission that she has not done anything wrong. The only motivation I can see is that the Pacific Justice Institute trying to get a “bathroom bill” overturned in California. Tell me, are a few ill-gotten signatures on a petition worth child being completely traumatised? is also carrying this story and propagating the lies. This is a site that primarily focuses on the pro-life and personhood movements. It's a common claim by pro-lifers that all life, no matter how small, is precious. Between the article they posted and the comments at the end of it, it is quite clear that if said life is transgender, it's a little less precious.

The Pacific Justice Institute needs to do one of two things – either prove that this child is the horrible person they claim she is or admit their lies and publicly apologise to her and her family. To the PJI and those carrying and promoting this story – CBN, World Net Daily, Liberty Counsel, Life Site News, and anyone else that I have missed – You make the claim that you are a Christian organisation. What does your god say about bearing false witness? Would Jesus have publicly slandered and traumatised a child for political gains?

Here's a list of links if you want to read more on this. I have included links that are on both sides of the story.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Glenn Beck and the Cursive Conspiracy

I really wish people would read the facts before speaking out against something.