Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So I asked my girlfriend about this...

And she confirmed it was bullshit as I suspected. She saw nothing of the like when she was stationed in Afghanistan.

She didn't even see any donkeys over there. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

They want me to repent, but I can't

The main reason I am an atheist is that, based on evidence, I do not believe that any god exists. This is not just limited to the Christian God, but any and all gods that mankind has dreamed up. The only religion where anyone has pushed at me to repent of my non-belief is Christianity. I just cannot do that. Here's the problem - even if God's very existence was proven to me, I would then need to know if the Bible was true and correct. The more we learn about the world around us, the more it becomes clear that, from a scientific standpoint, the Bible is inaccurate at best.
Science aside, there are still other difficulties I have. I find the God of the Bible to be horribly immoral. Genocide, slavery, death penalty for working on the Sabbath or being homosexual, forcing rape victims to marry their rapist, and the occasional human sacrifice does not sound like a deity that any moral being should have anything to do with.
Furthermore, the gift, the sacrifice of Jesus, is completely absurd at best. If the goal was forgiveness, couldn't he have just offered it without the Jesus suit for 30 some years and the ending drama? Couldn't he have just changed his outrageous laws? According to Young Earth Creationists, there's about 4,000 years between Adam and Jesus. That's a long time to let one's creation go without a saviour. And he comes down with this saviour and his message in a sparsely populated part of the world where most people were illiterate. Why there? Why not Rome or Athens? It's all just so senseless. And you have to accept all this on faith, otherwise you burn in Hell for all eternity.
That's another thing, God's divine justice system. One can be an axe murderer and as long as they repent, they get rewarded in Heaven. Meanwhile, one can do a load of good for mankind and not have faith in God or Jesus, and they get to burn in Hell. That's kinda bullshit, don't ya think? It becomes even more bullshit in real world cases where someone gets away with murder. People become outraged, right? Now let's take that a step further. Let's say we have a murderer on trial and someone else, who didn't do anything wrong, winds up taking the punishment and the murderer gets a mansion. That would be some serious bullshit, right?
Finally, as human beings we have such wonderful things as free will, critical thinking and the ability to reason. Yet this God character gets really butt hurt when we use any of that. It's like he favours sycophants and mindless drones. Why create something, give it free will, then punish it for using that? Seriously, WTF?
It boggles my mind how anyone could accept this let alone preach it. Though I am aware that most people that call themselves Christian have never read the whole Bible and those that have pick and choose from it. I cannot repent in any sense and why should I? I can neither believe nor accept what I read in the Bible. I'm not saying it's all bad, but the bad stuff by far out weighs the good stuff.