Sunday, December 22, 2013

Comparing the religious to fan clubs.

Earlier today I went on a bit of a rant comparing the biggest nerds of all, the religious, to other nerds. Here's the rant -

Trekkies do not suicide bomb Star Wars conventions.
Beliebers do not protest One Direction concerts.
No Star Wars fan has ever knocked on my door asking me if I have heard the good news about Luke Skywalker.
No Twilight fan has ever threatened me with the wrath of Edward Cullen because I told them their book was poorly written.
Warhammer 40K fans are not trying to make the rules and laws listed in Imperial Infantry Man's Handbook part of local or federal government.
I have never seen Dungeons and Dragons used as a basis for discrimination.
Marvel Comics fans do not own a considerable portion of the town where I reside and force local business and law enforcement alike to bend to their will.
Anime fans do not have a rather constant and annoying presence many US airports.
Bronies are not insisting that Rainbow Dash is real and that everyone knows it and chooses to ignore it.