Friday, May 28, 2010

Great job done today by PSTA at 6:45 PM, left a pregnant woman and several others behind at a stop.

I was one of those others and here's the complaint I just submitted to PSTA. I really need a car.

Myself and several others were waiting for the northbound rt18 in front of the Dollar Tree at Largo Mall. This bus arrived just behind the southbound rt 18 and the Westbound rt 59. While those other 2 buses stopped at the stop and waited, bus #2202 went around them and kept going, only stopping well behind the stop to let passengers off, not giving any time to allow any one to get on the bus. People were left behind at this stop including a pregnant woman. Most of the others at the stop that needed this bus,including myself, ran across the parking lot to catch it at the other stop.

This is just another in a long list of complaints I have had about your service. I really wish at this point that I could afford a car so I wouldn't have to use you shoddy excuse for a public transportation system.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Need help deciding on a laptop

With a better soldering iron than the one I have, I might be able to fix my Dell. The power connector has gone bad. Actually the connection between it and the motherboard is what has gone bad. As I said, with a good soldering iron I should be able to fix it. According to Dell, I should be replacing the motherboard. I've looked at new and refurbished cards online and $300-450 is way too much to soak into a 3 year old laptop that has had a quite few issues since I bought it. If I can't fix it, I'm going to have to replace it.

The question then becomes what with? I at least need something that can handle Eve-Online. I haven't played Eve in too long and I miss shooting at Amarr. If it can run Eve, it can run the other games I like. I did see this Toshiba at the local Walmart. Less than $400, meets the requirements. Not sure how good of a laptop it really is though. I don't want another Dell. I will not buy another Dell product again. I'm open to suggestions here. I don't want to spend a lot of money, but I don't want to buy a piece of junk either.

So can anyone recommend a good laptop with a good graphics card that's not too terribly expensive?

Can we start blacklisting people and organizations again?

Really can we?

Here's a case in point - tonight at the hotel that I am working at we have this group that is being rude to the staff and guests alike, acting like they think they own the place, being drunk, loud and otherwise obnoxious. They stayed at the hotel last year around this time and acted the same way. They were at the hotel I used to work at and were no different. In dealing with their leader guy, they think because they are spending what they think is a lot of money, they can do what ever they want. Meanwhile I have guests that are complaining about the noise. Amusingly enough they are threatening not to come here any more. Not much of a threat really.

Not the first time a dealt with a group like this. Or even an individual that acts this way. Sometimes I think blacklisting would be another method of recourse that might just reduce such instances. I could just see the potential for a group such as the one mentioned above to blacklist themselves out of places to have their functions.

Sadly there are just some people that will never catch on to the reason why people have a problem with them is because they are a problem.

Events like this also have me thinking about why people think that because they spent a given amount of money and/or have taken a given number of rooms that it entitles them have free reign over the entire hotel and not care that they are keeping other people awake or just being otherwise rude.

I think I'm done venting for now.