Sunday, August 28, 2011

Random Ramblings: DragonCon is when?!?!? Edition

Only a few days left.

I think I'm ready. I'm not really ready. I'm doing shit at the last minute like I always do. At least the rental car, hotel room, and tickets are all taken care of. New corsets hopefully will be in before I go.

I should update this blog more often.

No I shouldn't. Well really I should. I have a youtube channel with videos on it that might be worth checking out. Been putting more time in to that. Maybe that can be more profitable than this. Fuck it, I'm just doing as a damn well please with it.

So after the Con...

I was considering looking for a new job. Then I thought maybe not. But maybe I will.

And also after the Con...

My fat ass is so hitting the gym. Every fucking day. I have put on way too much weight as of late.

I think I need a new social network.

Facebook seems to be overrun with ads as of late. Google+ doesn't like my name. What's a weirdo to do?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Random Ramblings: So I was riding my bike,,,

Why the fuck did you point it out to me?

So yesterday I was riding my bike to my mom's house and this guy on the sidewalk says to me, "The bus is coming."

So I said "So."
Then he says, "Fuck you!"
Then I said, "Fuck you too, buddy! And have a nice day!"

Really, why the fuck was it so important to this guy to point out to someone speeding down the side walk on a bike that the bus was coming? I mean holy shit, if I wanted the bus, I would have been waiting at the stop.

There will be rape. Or prostitution.

So later on in the day I had to pick up some things from Target. On the way back, I see the girl, carrying a dog and wearing a skin tight top, a really short denim skirt and a pair of about 5" heels. She shouted at a couple of guys in the near by Perkins parking lot, "Hey! If I pay you will you give me a ride?" These guys were in the standard issue douchebag uniform, complete with popped collar. All I could think was "Dumb bitch. Whether it was your plan or not, you will pay with every hole in your body and possibly your dog too."

Is it just me or is she really that annoying?

The lady in the Progressive Insurance commercials. She just gets more annoying and unfunny with every commercial. I'm not getting Progressive Insurance ever.

I'm going to be rich.

Diablo 3 will include a cash auction shop. My goal is to sell enough stuff to idiots that I can afford to quit my job. Of course when the gravy train runs out, I have no clue what I am going to put on my resume.

Fun Fundie Quote of the day.

On the Burning Man -

Know what be hilarious?
if SAC bombers on a training mission flew off course and carpet bombed the whole festival into oblivion.
You know their be some smelly hippy-tards in a stolen tent 20 miles away thinking "best Burning Man, ever." after witnessing the destruction.

Is that what Jesus would do?

So today is...

My mother's 60th birthday. So anyone that knows her should call her or something is you have not yet.