Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy VD everyone!

Here's a song to sing to your loved one.

Or maybe this would be more suitable.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quick update on my 40K army and I could use some suggestions.

So I went shopping today.

The battleforces were not in. They were not even ordered from what we can tell.

Not happy about that, but I did some shopping there because, well I was already there and I wanted something today. I picked up a Chaos Predator that I'm actually going to build as a Rhino. There were out of Chaos Rhinos and buying a Pred gives me a vehicle accessories sprue. I needed some things off those for some other conversions. I also picked up a box of Daemonettes. I'm not fielding them, they are actually going to be vehicle decorations. I need a little help with the Rhino. Here's a very nicely painted, nearly unconverted Rhino:

It's pretty cool, but I need to fuck it up a bit, errr make it more interesting. I want it to look like the the Krankhaus CD booklet and/or the Vena Cava video exploded all over it. It is going to be the transport that takes Destroyx and the Surgically Attoned squad (enhanced close combat squad of doom) into battle. Here is some of the ideas I have so far:

•Daemonettes in the Gunner and Tank commander seats. They will be made up to look like people in the pictures/video.
•Behind them, a glass (clear plastic) cage containing the two "medical experiments" from the pictures/video.
•On the sides, medical diagrams like those on the CD book with song lyrics.

Any other ideas? Advice? Got something better?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Now this guy just sounds like a total loonball

Another gem from TheologyOnline.

HAAAY! - Satan didn’t have a breath! All other living creatures had the breath of Life, but not Satan. Satan didn’t breathe the air of God. - Mainly, because Satan didn’t have a nose; -- or ears, for that matter. Satan can’t hear either. Eyes to see? - No! No eyes either, but I’m just concerned with the breath of God right now. ---- Well, - Cain was like his father, Cain didn’t have a face either, until God put the mark of Abel’s face on Cain to keep everyone from killing him for being the son of Satan, but that’s another story you (DON’T WANT TO “HEAR”) with your EAR.

Don’t tell me, I know you can’t believe any of that. Maybe because you don’t have an ear to hear with either and maybe you don’t even have an eye to see with either. Most are as their father the Devil; - without form and void of features.

ANYHOW! You know that Satan came through the flood of Noah somehow. Maybe God just forgot about Satan and let him through without drowning, or God lied. – Genesis 2:7 KJV - & Genesis 6:17 KJV - & Genesis 7:15 KJVGenesis 7:22 KJV – “ALL IN WHOSE NOSTRILS WAS THE BREATH OF LIFE, OF ALL THAT WAS IN THE DRY LAND, “(DIED)”. ---- BUT SATAN, - That doesn’t matter, Satan has ears and a nose, you know he does. -- OOOKKK!

Paul – 020210

Is it just me or does this guy sound like a total ranting lunatic? I think the guys in the white coats need to be called in on this one.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

So it turns out....

I was overreacting a little.

He's got to go in for a volume study monday morning. Because my mother has dialysis that morning, I have to go with him.

Which means I HAVE to leave work on time monday morning. Maybe the person at my work that reads my blog can help me by stressing to the management and whoever is supposed to be there monday morning that I NEED TO leave on time. Which means someone HAS to show up on time.

Of course why something like that would need to be stressed is ridiculous. But that's another matter. I just really need to leave work on time monday.

What happens monday determines what they do from there. It probly wrong for me to be amused by this, but his doctor isn't sure if the table can hold him. Or if he can get my father on it. My mom is going to be working on having him in a hospital or nursing home for what ever procedure he needs. It would be the best thing for him. Would also give her a break from him.

I just got a rather scary call from my mom

I'm a little worried.

She couldn't stay on long, waiting for a call from a doctor. She sounded a little nervous. Said she would call be back and tell me everything after she got off the phone with the doctor.

My father has prostate cancer. He was going to see the doctor today. I think for chemo. I'm not sure what is going on.

Shit and other shit

I don't know who in my apartment complex is letting their dog use the grass in front of my apartment for their bathroom, but it's pissing me off. It's really annoying to have to tip toe around the dog shit. I'll be having a talk with the people in the office about it in the morning. It's getting out of hand, there's more every day.

I sent my resume off a few places, looking at sending it off a few more. It's not that I'm looking to quit where I'm at and move on just yet, but I figure it couldn't hurt to start looking. I'm find myself more frustrated every day. If certain other people didn't suck, I may have a better attitude. You know, if I didn't have anything to bitch about. I don't expect anything to change. Maybe I shouldn't let it bother me. Seems like every job I have ever held I have found faults with over time and eventually grew to hate. Except teaching.

If anything is starting to become more clear to me, it's that I really need to finish out my degree.

Still, I'd like to not get frustrated while collecting a paycheck in the mean time.

Of course sometimes I think maybe I'm the problem. Nahhh, couldn't be that.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I really need to keep backups

So something goes screwy on my laptop's hard drive and it went from my not being able to boot completely to having some pretty severe hard drive errors to having to reinstall kubuntu.

Not happy about that.

Really not happy.

I lost a lot of stuff that I was working on. I think I need to listen to advice I normally give and get some sort of an external back up. I'm thinking like an external hard drive. I'm also considering upgrading the hard drive I have. Part because 80GB isn't much these days, I can get a 500GB for $100, possibly less. Part because if this is a precursor to this drive totally dying on my, I want to take care of it soon.

I'm a little on the fence about what to get for an external backup. Part of me wants to go with a simple USB portable drive. Part of me wants to go with a networked drive that both of us here can easily access and we can store things like music and movies on it as well. Any advice or suggestions would be very appreciated.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Internet is pissing me off, rant #3 - Message Boards

This may be shocking, but something I spend a great deal of my time on actually does piss me off. Really, it's not the boards that piss me off, just certain people on them. There are certain people in this world that can really ruin one's time on a message board. Seems like every board has them too.

First we will start with a short list of boards I regularly post on as of late -

And that last one I haven't been to in a long time and should really go back to. There's cool people on there.

Anyway, what I'm not going to talk about here is spammers and trolls, they are almost welcome to what I am bring up that really needs to be rounded up and made into Soylent Green.

Spelling and grammer nazis! I fucking hate these people. If you are unfamiliar, these people make that English teacher you had in high school that nobody liked seem pretty normal. These are the kind of people that if you dare make a spelling or grammatical error while having a discussion with them, they will turn the discussion toward that error. They will completely ignore what ever the subject is of the argument because you made a typo, then make a big deal of said typo. I don't know about you, but I thought I was posting on a message board, not writing my college thesis. Who gives a shit if I misplaced a letter or two? Go fuck yourself!

And these fucking moderators and admins that are biased in one way or another and don't have the balls to admit it. You know how annoying it is when to see someone get away with something you just got banned for? This pisses me off to no end. It gets more annoying when I come back from a ban, bring it to the attention of the mods (and everyone else) that they are biased or at least playing favorites and it becomes an immediate banning. WTF? This is actually something I appreciate about TheologyOnline. I know it may seem a bit crazy for me to actually enjoy going to a discussion forum about religion and politics that's run by a group of fundamentalist Christian right wing conservative zealots, but they admit they are biased. They won't deny it. I do have a little respect for them because of that.

People that resort to name-calling when they can't debate really piss me off. What it basically tells me is that you have completely given up and you are too full of yourself to even entertain the idea that I just might be right. Get over it, get over yourself. If you can't handle yourself in an intellectual debate, please do not waste my, or anyone else's, time if it's going to result in cheap insults and name-calling. Go fuck yourself with something white hot and made out of metal.

And you people that whine to the mods and admins. Or worse yet you people that start a thread whining about someone you don't like. Or because someone made fun of something you like. Or because there's people on the forum that doesn't agree with you. You people really need to grow the fuck up and get a life. Whine to somebody that cares. Which is nobody. So shut the fuck up.

Finally, people that post on message boards while drunk or high and talk about how drunk or high they are need to be loaded into a wood chipper. Really. It's just fucking annoying. If all you are saying is "look at me! I'm drunk!" Get a fucking life. You are announcing to an entire community that you are a pathetic loser getting drunk or high alone in front of a computer. Stop it. Nobody cares. It's not as cute and funny as you think it is. Especially you people that advertise that you are high. I'm thinking I should seriously weasel the real name and address out of one of these idiot and call their local police on them. Now that would be funny.

I think I've bashed 90% of message board users at this point. Have a nice day. I think I may have a thing or 2 more to rant about.