Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still sick of it all

And still looking for something better.

So spring break appears to be in full swing. Rode the bus to work last night due to the weather. Packed full of young, dumb, drunk people that have me fearing for the future. Most of the were pretty to look at though.

Another busy and frustrating night at work. It wasn't as busy as last week or the week before, but still. Busy enough that I was non-stop, which I guess is good in a way, but I always get flustered and forget what I was doing. Or forget something in general. Today I forgot the energy drink I put in the fridge, and damn it I could use it now. Had a few frustrations through out the night as well. Like not just guest stuff, but things fucked up by other people that work there and the computers acting up.

That's another thing I wonder about some times. Can the computers be upgraded? Can the property management software run on linux? I think either would make things run smoother and make me look less like an idiot in front of the guests. No idea why I care. I'm going to be spending my time away from work looking for another job anyway. That's a big part of my plan, finding another job. Heck even something part time would be kinda cool so I can save money for DragonCon. It wouldn't get me away from where I am, but I might actually be a little less crabby. I doubt it. More like I would just use it as a springboard to get in full time.

A friend of mine pointed me to @clearwaterjobs on twitter. I found some things on there. I'll be looking for more. As I said before, anyone hears about anything that's hiring, let me know.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another lousy night.

And another resume submitted.

If there is anything I hate more than putting out a fire right when I clock in, it's having to take the responsibility for someone else dropping the ball. In the end, all was made good, but not without making me sweat.

I'll be in a much happier place when the busy season is over, or after I find something new. What ever comes first.

I've been feeling really drained lately. like right now I just want to sleep. I'm on a bus. I shouldn't sleep. I don't know if it's stress or something wrong with me.

Maybe my friend was right, maybe I need a vacation.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ever just want to beat someone with a garden gnome?

Sure you have. Who hasn't? Maybe it's just the bad mood I'm in talking.

Seriously, why is the Wal-mart filled with people on a Tuesday around noon? Don't people have jobs? The place was so crowded you'd think they were giving away cookies and cocaine.

Still looking for a new job. Trouble is I'm too fucking busy. No time at work, I can barely get my work done there. And I have been busy doing work for my mom during the day. I'm home only long enough to sleep. Fucking sucks. I have an application to fill out and no time to do anything with it. I'd fill it out now, but I don't have a pen. And at the time of writing this, I'm on the bus.

I don't get it. I'm not privy enough to the hotel's numbers to really see the whole scope of it, but would it really hurt to have an extra person on the audit shift during the busy season? Like even a part timer that can check people in and answer calls until about 2 or 3am would be pretty awesome. Then I can more effectively get things done. Maybe it's just too much of a hassle to train and hire part time seasonal help for the desk. I don't know, but these busy nights are kicking my ass. Just one of the many things that are driving me to find somewhere else to pick up a paycheck.

Having to clean vomit last night didn't help. Neither did my bike having a flat and me missing the bus leaving work. Round the corner just in time to watch it leave. Fuck.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Burn like a the books in the town square I don’t care

That's a line from "Grind" By AngelSpit. It's a song about hating your job. Pretty well describes how I feel.

I've been firing off resumes. Hope one will get picked up and I'll be on my way to something better. As I said, I'm sick of it. I'm over it. Its time to move on.

And most of what I have applied for is not night audit. It's not that I don't want to do it anymore, just that there does not seem to be that many openings. That being said, anyone hears about anything that's hiring, let me know. Even if you work with me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Anyone know of a hotel that is looking for a night auditor?

I'm so fucking over it. I'm done, it's time to move on.

If I didn't have a rent to pay, if the job market didn't totally fucking suck, I would have just quit at around 7:15 this morning.

I don't want to go into specifics, too many. There is a point where enough has become enough, that point has been reached.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring break has begun.

And I'm just getting over being sick. Had a really nasty cough. Gave it to my girlfriend. I think there's a lot better things I could have given her.

If this weekend is any indicator, I foresee many nights of telling people that the hotel is sold out. I also foresee having to tell them that repeatedly. Why is it that some people just don't catch on when you tell them hotel is sold out? It's like they are under the impression that never really happens.

I also foresee lots of drunks, scantly-clad 20-somethings, stupidity, locals sneaking in to the pool, and fucking in the hot tub. Keep this in mind next time you use a hotel's hot tub - you are pretty likely to be swimming in other people's sex juices.

Thursday night is the Lords of Acid and AngelSpit concert. It's also my girlfriend's birthday. Yeah, big day, busy day. Really hope she's feeling better by then.

I was reminded tonight why I have never waited tables for a living, my balance sucks.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So let's beat a dead horse....

.....And talk about Charlie Sheen.

Well if winning means getting your kids taken away from you and getting fired from one of the top rated shows on TV, then yes, he certainly is winning. I got to say, impressive though. 2 girlfriends half his age and can handle a 7 gram rock.

And he's given us a long list of funny quotes that probly won't go away anytime soon. Charlie Sheen quotes are the new Chuck Norris jokes.Wait! I got it! His quotes need to be in a book!

I should on some level feel badly for him, but I can't. He did it to himself. Watching him deteriorate into a total raving lunatic is funny and entertaining, but it's going to get old someday, right?

Maybe after he totally destroys himself he will come out of it an evangelical Christian. That has the potential for more comedy.

So what's your favourite Charlie Sheen quote?