Monday, April 27, 2009

Hotel advice: I'll rip your spleen out and feed it to you edition

Just a few do's and don't's, mostly don't's

When walking in to a hotel with out a reservation, don't immediately stick you frequent stay program card in the face of the desk guy and say "I need a room." Especially if you are a bottom tier member that just got your card. You are not a big shot of any kind, and even if you are, acting like one gets on anyone's nerves real quick. It's all too easy for me to tell you that the hotel is sold out or to charge you the highest rate I have for the most expensive room and tell you it's the only room available. I'm just a rotten bitch that way. Also if you do decide to stick your card in my face, don't at any point be so brazen to say "Hook a brother up." At that point I'd like to put you on a meat hook.

Don't give a gift card when asked for a credit card. This should be common sense. Gift cards and credit cards are not the same thing. If it doesn't have your name on it and I can't get an imprint of it, forget it. I have never worked for a hotel that would accept one for a room. Also, if said gift card hjas a limit printed on it that is less than the room rate quoted, it's going to be really hard for me not to laugh in your face.

Don't argue when I say something is a hotel policy. Realize this whether it is a real policy or not, when I say hotel policy I mean this is not up for discussion. Telling me they do it somewhere else means nothing. I don't give a shit. It's like a little kid whining to his mother because his friend's parents let him get away with something. Moreso, if I say that I would be putting my job on the line, end it right there. Get a clue, I'm not getting myself fired for you.

Don't threaten the desk clerk. Look we take a lot of bullshit as it is, you thinking you have enough authority to will the management into firing us is laughable. And if it's the night auditor you are threatening, you get nowhere. As an auditor, I have to fail on a pretty epic level to be fired in the first place. You whining to anyone when I really did follow policy gets you nothing. And do you really think being a bottom tier frequent stay member gets you anything in this situation? Try harder. Even a top level member has to have a pretty major problem to get anyone fired, especially an auditor. About the only thing you get is mocked in my blog. Think about that and be thankful I don't give names and membership numbers.

Do be respectful when we ask you to keep it down. Chances are I just had someone bitch at me about you. I don't care how much money you or the people in your party spent, it does not give you the right to wake everyone else up. Nor to I care why you are here. It is no more or less important than why anyone else is here. Shut the fuck up, you don't own the place and I will not hesitate to have you evicted. Don't fucking think about trying me, I have thrown a bride and groom and their family out on their wedding night.

Do realize that when you rent a banquet hall you are renting the space inside it only, not the whole hotel. Unless your party has booked every room in the entire hotel, we need you to be respectful of other guests. You are not the only group of people here.

Don't say you don't care about the other guests. You will find out how fast I don't care about you and I will actively look for a reason to evict you.

the first 4 actually pertain to one person, the last ones pertain to another.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

if you loved me you would buy me this

the metasonix kv-100

Seriously, this is on kick ass piece of equipment. From the site -

the metasonix kv-100 is not called the "assblaster" for nothing. we've taken all
of our knowledge of extreme vacuum-tube audio processing and combined it into a
single convenient, easy-to-use package. inevitably, the end of the tm series
will cause shit-eating, ass-fisting guitar players to whine about how
"underappreciated" they are. so, we're feeding them a foot-long fecal sandwich
of audio's complete with disgusting and juvenile cartoon art by dave
lovelace, of retarded animal babies fame.

I'm just thinking of what it can do for my violin, or some of those instruments I want to make.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am so doing it wrong

Yet another 4/20 has come and gone and I didn't get stoned.


It's not like the opportunity wasn't there, it's just not something I do. Or even would recommend.

And why is marijuana so special that it needs a holiday? Why not a holiday for other drugs? I'm not encouraging it. I'm just posing a question.

I think a smarter thing for the stoners of America to do would be to march on Washington in support of legalization. I'm not for that either, but it's better than breaking the law. And I can actually respect that.

If I was in a management position, I'd have some random drug screens scheduled on 4/21 every year, but that's just me. Unannounced at that. But I'm just a mean, evil person. :P

One thing that gets totally ignored in the wake of this is that on this very day, 10 years ago, a number of high school students lost their lives. If anything should be happening today, it should be in memory of them. And it should be re-examined how to prevent another tragedy like that. Maybe if those boys were not picked on. Maybe if they had someone to look up to. Maybe if they knew it was OK to be different. Maybe if their parents did a better job of being parents. I made a comment on my friend Dani's blog in her post about Columbine. It's good to see that someone is not smoking and is focusing on something a lot more important. A good friend of mine also sent out a bulletin on myspace in regards to Columbine and the fact that today is Hitler's birthday. Without Hitler we would not have Volkswagen or a face to associate with social Darwinism.

Put the drugs down folks, realize the world is falling apart around you, get up off your ass and do something about it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Can someone reccommend me some music?

Female fronted rock that gets played currently on the radio. The harder and gothier the better.

gothier? is that a word? I think I just made that up.

I love Norwegian symphonic metal and Japanese cyberpunk, but I don't think the crowd at Planet Cafe is going to like it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New pink falls

I made this pair of falls for a performance this past Thursday night. Since I was doing a song by P!nk, it seemed only right.

Strewn across my keyboard after construction.

In my wig.

On my head after performing

To my knowledge, no photos exist of the wig on me while performing because I could not keep it on. After it feel off and I caught it, I tossed it to the side and kept on with the show. BTW if anyone has advice on how to keep a wig in place, I'd love to hear it. My head is shaved on the sides and back, so I know that is going to complicate things. Would adding a pair of cyber goggles help?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Great show last night

And I had a damn good time.

Yeah there was a contest involved, they were kind running it like American Idol.

No I didn't win.

But I looked and performed damn good.

I have to say it was really funny when I took my wig off and kept performing with out it because it wouldn't stay on my head. The falls I made added too much weight to it.

Oh well, I still rocked the house to U + UR Hand.

I'll be there again next week. Come see me!

I'll post some pictures as soon as I can.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just what the hell is wrong with this world?

I didn't know these girls or the boyfriend they were fighting over, but they look familiar and their names sound really familiar. They did go to the school I usually work at.

Full article with video.

Pinellas Park High student stabbed to death

PINELLAS PARK, FL -- The feud between two teenage girls over a boyfriend had been brewing since last summer. It exploded early Wednesday morning when 19-year-old Rachel Wade stabbed to death her rival Sarah Ludemann, Pinellas Park police said.

Pinellas Park Police Captain Sanfield Forseth told ABC Action that Ludemann drove to a house where Wade was staying to confront her over another teen named Joshua Camacho.Words were exchanged and police say Wade stabbed Ludemann with a kitchen knife.

The victim's mother, Gay Ludemann, stood in front of her home, surrounded by friends, and cried as she talked about the murder. "She was a good girl. She was a smart girl," Ludemann said. "We wanted her to be something. Not dead! Not dead! The girl took my daughter's life."

Police say the two girls had been exchanging texts and voice mails all day long. That led to the confrontation in the street in front of 9821 52nd St. Investigators say they found the murder weapon thrown on a nearby rooftop.

Police say they answered calls about fights between Wade, Ludemann and Camacho at least 12 times since August.

The victim, Sarah Ludemann, attended Pinellas Park High School where Principal John Johnston said grief counselors had been called in to talk to students.

So sad. What gets me is that kids, or really anyone, would go this far. A bitchslap or a fist fight I could understand, but a stabbing? WTF???

Monday, April 13, 2009

Got hit by a truck on the way to work tonight

Relatively new Nissan Pathfinder. Driver was not paying attention and after stopping for a few seconds just pulled on to the road and right into me in the bike lane. Front fender met my shoulder and knocked me on the road kinda hard. I got up immediately and went nearly psycho. I care not to post here what I was screaming at him. I calmed down quick enough, he was scared and just kept apologizing. No damage to my bike or the laptop and MP3 player in my backpack, so I just let it go, warning the guy next time neither he nor whoever he should hit may not be so lucky. Besides there was a dent in his door in the shape of my steel-toe combat boot.

Oh yeah, I just have a bruised shoulder, scraped knee and a torn pair of pants. No big deal.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tales from the Holiday Inn, Gross out edition

This old guy came to the desk this morning looking for a manager. My boss had just got in so we directed him to her. He then asked the other auditor if he was the assistant manager, he isn't so he said no. So he asked my boss if he could speak to her privately.

She came back really grossed out.

The guy had a complaint.

The toilets are too small.

When he sits on them, his balls hit the bowl and get cold.

I wish I was making that up.

Friday, April 10, 2009

No testing on religious holidays?

I guess public schools are not totally secular. Actually there's a long list of holidays I was informed of that are no test days. However the teacher I'm coverign for today may not have known that. One of the kids did and whined to the principal. Anything to get out of work, right? Well not really. It is a policy that should have been observed. And with half the students gone and 20 teachers out, it's a really bad day for a test. Actually it's a quiz. The policy says no tests.

I was informed by the principal I still have to give them the option not to take it. No problem with that for me really. If anything it comes down to being respectful of beliefs, though I think the kids abuse it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

So my return to the stage is soon

Next Thursday (4/16) apparently. I'll post more details as they come in, right now I'm working on 2nd hand information.

Either way, it's time to start rehearsing.

I'm looking for suggestions for music. I've got a few tunes in my head tht I just might work with. I'm going for stuff I like that people have actually heard of. I'd love to do AngelSpit or Ayria, but stuff that doesn't get any airplay doesn't usually get over well.

Here's what's on my mind -

P!nk - U + UR Hand Sorry, embedding disabled. :(

If anyone reading this has any suggestions or feed back, let me know.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I think I need to read the Bible, again.

Yeah, you read that right.

My motivations are a little different though. I did read it when I was much younger and dismissed it as mythology. I still do and don't expect that to change. The reason why I want to read it again is because I have encountered a few Christians that have piqued my curiosity. Simply put, I want to know why some fundies are beyond wacky.

A recent spat with a few of the got me wondering. That spat can be found here. I had my world view and my sense of morality questioned. Oddly enough because I'm against abortion. It just doesn't make any sense why they would question someone that agrees with them. I wonder if I offered to assist them at a pro-life rally if they would turn me away. This quote is what really got me -

"So this is really it right here. Abortion ISN"T WRONG given YOUR worldview, some of us just make up this thing called "Morals" and say it is. So I can go rape people kill them and take their cars sell them for crack get high rape some more, get elected to congress rape some people, have goons kill them, get elected president, starve some third world people to death...rape some people etc and at the end of my life YOU have no philosophical basis to say I did anything WRONG because as you said morality is man made.

That's pretty frightening, and I shudder to think their are millions of intellectually bankrupt thinkers like yourself running around. Luckily I know martial arts to protect myself from morally baseless people like you when hard times hit. "

Now is it just me, or does that sound like the rantings of a total madman? Or am I the crazy one to say that human beings came up morals? Probably happened about when we started forming communities. And why couldn't mankind come up with such a concept on their own? I'm just thinking if we could figure out how to break free of our own planet's gravity and put one of our kind on the moon, creating a moral code should be pretty simple in comparison. I had to stop my conversation with him at that point, it became pretty obvious that I was dealing with someone that was the furthest thing from rational. I'm almost inclined to say he is an insult and an embarrassment to his alleged god and members of his faith.

But that is one of my curiosities is to understand how someone could go that far off the deep end. I would also like to find if I missed something. I want to find what ever it is that makes people believe every word literally. It boggles my mind that someone would accept that the universe came into existence from nothing at the will of some supernatural being in an instant, yet say that science is wrong. And just because a book says so.

I'll give it another read. If I find anything, other than complete and utter bullshit, I'll let you know.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

So one of my neighbors claims to be moving out soon

There is nothing more annoying that someone always bothering you. I'm one of these weirdos that actually likes to be left alone. I like to have "me time." Even if that's all I do is talk to my girlfriend, argue on a message board and play video games, that is still my "me time." I get rather annoyed when it gets interupted. It was one thing when my mom used to bother me with something every 5 minutes. She's my mother, I was living under her roof and usually she just wanted someone to talk to. In this case it's one of my neighbors in the other half of the duplex.

Yeah, still bothering me to let her use the phone. Though I ahve to say, I'm kinda motivated to. Her boyfriend over on the other coast is allegedly paying her way there and I want her gone. There's something else pretty annoying she's started lately. Every time I'm in the kitchen, especially when I'm cooking, she's in the window looking like an abused puppy. Mind you she's not looking for food, it's either the phone or she's being gripey and needs someone to gripe to.

I can't wait until she's gone, maybe then I can have some peace.

One thing my mother always told me

"You could do anything if you put your mind to it."

And she's right.

My latest project at their place was replacing an entire electrical circuit from the fuse box all the way out to the outlet.

I have no formal training in being an electrician. I do have an electronics engineering degree, but that's a little different. I've got the skills to build a modular synthesizer using parts from the local Radio Shack, but I'm nearly clueless when it comes to wiring a house. It simply was not my field of study.

Still I was able to, after some thought, snake a length of Romex - 12 through the attic, down the wall on one end and connect it into the fuse box on the other. Installed new outlets as well. All said and done, everything is working great. I did have to reset everything that had a clock on it, but that was the easy part. Every thing is working just as well as it did before and my folks are happy.

This also comes a week after repairing the refrigerator. Which is something else I have no formal training in.

The thing is, when life throws something you don't know what to do with at you, learn about it. Take care of it yourself before finding someone to do it for you. Especially when you don't have the cash for a professional. Seriously, I saved my folks a ton of money recently. But study up on it. Remember, that professional is a human being just like you and if they can learn how to do something, so can you.