Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Ramblings: Seriously WTF?

Cheap Home Depot Outdoor Safety Goggles > Cheap Wal-Mart Sunglasses

They are, and they are cheaper too. I found my pair of cheap Wal-Mart sunglasses broken today. Less than a week old. Broke in a weird place too and I'm not sure how. Usually I just get outdoors safety glasses from Home Depot and now I'm reminded why.

You want my bag? I want your wallet. 

Or some collateral. I ride a bike. I keep everything in my backpack. Things I've purchased. Things I'm taking from one place to another. Things that would normally go in my pockets. Things I need to fix my bike. Things I can't leave home without. With all those things inside, I'm not about to just hand it over to some store clerk. So I demand something of theirs, preferably a wallet. They never want to go for it. So I go somewhere else.

I'm going to try another experiment.

Not with Eve Online, but with this time. I'm just coming back from a ban and I want to see how long before people that are offended by my "immoral, perverted, lifestyle" start talking about my "immoral, perverted, lifestyle." This should be fun!

You know what's difficult?

Typing a blog while a kitten is running around all over your laptop. And batting at the mouse. And pawing at you. And biting.

For the Record

Riding a bicycle in the rain sucks.

On the road to DragonCon.

Well, not yet, but soon. Hotel, passes, and rental car are all paid for. New corsets on the way too.

Which begs the question-

How much weight can I lose in a month?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm pissed

I'm pissed because once again I have to replace a tire tube on my bicycle. I just replaced one a few days ago.

I'm pissed because right now it's raining. The one day I have to do work at my parents' house. Long list of shit to do, all of it outside, and it's fucking raining.

I'm pissed because a few weeks ago I had to take a cab to work and after I complained to the bus company, all I got out of it was 2 day passes. I spent fucking twenty fucking dollars to get to fucking work that night and all they would compensate me with was 2 fucking day passes! Day passes cost $4.50. WTF????

I'm pissed because when I was taking the bus to my mom's place, the driver passed my stop, making me have to walk an extra block. I didn't even get an "I'm sorry" or even a "May bad" out of him.

I'm pissed, and I want to hurt somebody.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Updates and diarrhoea of the mouth


I just wanted to start off with that. So at the beginning of my shift at work tonight I took a call from someone who just wanted to bitch about the hotel where I work using a central reservation service that was in a 3rd world country. Funny, I thought it was in South Carolina, but what ever. I couldn't really get any word in with her. It was kinda like Thundrf00t talking to people from WBC, but incredibly less intelligent. Look I'm sorry that you talked to someone that had an accent. Actually, I'm not. I don't give a flying fuck. And calling me just to bitch gets nothing resolved and gets you mocked in my blog.

And now that I have started by bitching about my job, I'll bitch a little more. How hard is it, for instance, to put a copy of a receipt for a Visa payment in a box labelled Visa? So sick of finding receipts in the wrong place. I mean really, don't these people know that doing this takes time away from playing video games, writing blogs and making youtube videos? Bad enough the guests bother me all night.

Seen my Youtube channel? I'll make more vids. I'll even make vids that do not involve Eve Online, I promise. I want to get a vid capture card and editing software. Then I can make better vids and take them off the Xbox. You can watch me epic fail at games other people are good at.

So I'm thinking - Take a colour wheel, throw 4 darts at it, get hair dye to match those colours, divide my hair into 4 not quite even sections, dye each section a different colour. I think the results could be pretty epic. Considering how badly I suck at darts, it's almost a given that the colours will be random.

The last Harry Potter movie has been released. This is the last one, right? I'm not a fan.

 I need to ride my bike more. And work out more.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What am I going to do with my life?

I rambled a bit about it in a youtube vid while playing Eve.

I don't have an answer. My girlfriend pointed out out me how giddy I get on days that I teach. Maybe that's the answer.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Christians - How do you live with yourselves?

That was the question on my mind after watching the reactions of Grappling Ignorance and Proportional Response to the Jesus Camp documentary. How do these people live with themselves? Not Grappling Ignorance and Proportional Response, the people that run this Jesus camp and others like them, and the parents that send their kids to such camps. Take a look at their videos.

After watching the videos, I was disturbed and rather curious. Could it be as bad as they made it out to be? So I looked. I watched the documentary. The first thing I picked up on was that it was Pentecostals doing all the things that Pentecostals do – the big show, the singing and dancing, the speaking in tongues, the fake seizures and the people “getting full of the holy spirit”. Now I have to say, when it's adults, I have to laugh. It's a display of P.T. Barnum being proved right. They do their big act. They slap some guy in a wheelchair on the head, he has a seizure, he gets up and dances, and then it's all "Thank you Jesus!" and "Praise the Lord!" At the end of it all they parted a bunch of people too stupid to know better from their money, and that is their problem. It's different when it is kids. Not just that they do not know any better, but because they put all their trust in to their parents and those their parents trust with them. For religious charlatans to parade their show in front of children and brand it as real and as the truth, it's just wrong. It's not much better to do it in front of adults, but like I said, adults should know better.

There's more to it than just the show. It's like Grappling Ignorance said, they are totally brain washing these kids. This goes well beyond the indoctrination that many Christian Fundamentalists claim happens in public schools. Worse yet these kids are spoon fed lies that are branded as truth. I'm not talking about anything from the Bible. I'm talking about what they say about non-believers and public school teachers. And it's not just the Pentecostals that are guilty of that, I see member of other denominations spouting the same lies to their children. This is akin to the lies that KKK members spoon feed their children about blacks and Jews.

I've heard a few claim that where ever they send their children to be educated, they will be indoctrinated, therefore they want them to be indoctrinated in their ways. Even if that were true, if you have to indoctrinate it in to them, especially at a young age, does that not tell you what kind of a heap of bullshit you are forcing on them?

In the end of it all, I still have to ask, how do you live with yourself?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What have I been doing that does not involve video games?

Glad you asked, because you know you wanted to.

Last Friday I gave a home to a kitten my friends rescued. We named her Tali, after the Quarian in Mass Effect. She's totally cute.

For a holiday weekend, it was pretty light at my work during my shift. Until the 4th rolled around and I was by myself with an unstocked supply cabinet. Got a workout that night.

Aside from the madness at work, my 4th of July was pretty uneventful. Did see some nice fireworks on my ride in to work though.

Got stopped by the police while walking to the Wal-Mart with Kathy. There were some robberies in the area and being out late at night and walking with a backpack was reason enough for the police to investigate. It's not like we are strange looking people acting strange or anything. Contrary to popular assumption.

Why is it that hotel guests always nag me right when I'm about to submit the credit card deposit or start the audit? These things have specific times when I am to do them. And why to they always assume they caught me in the middle of something non-productive?

It's probly bad that I refer to hotel guests as nagging, isn't it?

Some days I just want to say "FUCK IT!" and dye my hair a bright unnatural colour.With each day I give less of a fuck when management or customer has to say about it.

I really detest when I have something to do and it gets totally held up by someone. Especially when it is happening right fucking now.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Attn anyone at CCP that actually gives a shit:

I didn't come here to play dress up. If I wanted to piss away real money on virtual clothes, I'll get an account on Second Life.

I came for the spaceships. I came for the epic fleet battles. For the combat.

Get your priorities straight and quit breaking my favourite game.