Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Porno Pete Thinks He Is a Jew In Nazi Germany

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hows Come You Attack Christians And Not Muslims or Buddhists?

While I do have a comment response video planned, sometimes I recieve a comment that, like it’s author, needs more individualized attention. Here is one of those comments.

I have a question. Do you people attack Islam, Buddhists, or even Satanists? I am having a hard time finding those videos. They also believe in creationism. Thanks.

This comment was left on one of my Joshua Feuerstein videos, I’ll give you a link to it. My reply was wasted on a guy who just wanted something to quote mine and strawman to feed his persecution complex. Had I known that, I may have answered differently and I will not be making the same mistake with this individual again. This more public reply is intended to educate those who may have a similar question and not to publicly mock. I have no desire to overstuff and already inflated persecution complex.

To me, this question is like a schoolyard bully asking someone who just stood up to him, “why are you attacking me and not the guy over there?” And in doing so, pointing out someone who is minding their own business. If you didn’t quite understand that analogy, let me elaborate. I live in America. America is 76% Christian. Within this majority, there is a minority of creationist, Bible-literalist, fundamentalists. Some members of this minority of Christians run for public office in an effort to weasel their fundamentalist ideologies into our government. Others get up on every soapbox they can access to push their message. This message is one that enforces the ignorance of science not only to preserve a belief, but to lay the foundation for a right wing political agenda. This minority has an influence over the majority. This minority tends to mix it’s creationist propaganda with messages that all Christians agree on. Stacking the deck in their favour. It’s how fundamentalist politicians get elected. It’s how fundamentalist dogma gets weaseled into our government and schools. It’s also how shit like Joshua Feuerstein videos wind up in my facebook feed. I have friends who are Christians, but they are not creationist, Bible-literalist, fundamentalists. Yet they still propagate these videos and other propaganda. Maybe they like it, maybe they find something inspirational in it, I really don’t know.

The point I’m trying to make here is that in America, a country that is supposed to value ideals like freedom, liberty and equality, Christians are a problem. Muslims are not trying to force their ideologies and dogma into our government and schools. Muslims are not the problem. Now I know someone is going to mention ISIS or some other terrorist organisation. Different kind of problem. Buddhists are not pushing their ideologies in our government and schools either. What’s even better about the Buddhists, is that the Dalai Lama has said that if science proves Buddhism wrong, Buddhism will have to change. Just the opposite of what I hear from creationist, Bible-literalist, fundamentalist Christians. Satanists don’t even recognise a deity or a creation myth and anyone who read the Satanist Bible knows that. Furthermore, if Muslims and Buddhists are making videos pushing their creation myths, they are not even going semi viral and they are certainly not making their way to my Facebook or any of my inboxes. I have yet to see a video directly addressing and attacking Atheists from a Muslim or a Buddhist like those from Joshua Feuerstein.  

Finally, I do not make response videos to creationists in an effort to attack Christians, but rather to stand in opposition to an anti-science message. As I have said in other videos, as I will say again, paraphrasing Bill Nye, America needs scientists. The world needs scientists. Undermining scientific method because that which is observed does not match your beliefs sets us up for failure. Pushing that sort of a dogma on to children only seals that failure.

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