Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Very interesting documentary. It really made me think


Monday, September 29, 2008

Well my night just got real interesting

I have a very dazed, confused and just plain in bad shape young man in my hotel lobby. He came in thinking he was at the hospital. He's complaining of pain in his legs and back also of beeling dizzy and seeing things. I have paramedics on the way, I'm keeping an eye on him, keeping him company. He's not in good shape.

Seems like they are taking a long time to get here, been 15 minutes since I called.

***Update @ 0618 - Paramedics have taken him away, hope he gets help.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hotel guests say the damnedest things

And so do I.

Tonight I'll try to keep track of it all.

Smoker lady: Do y'all have matches?
Me: No
Smoker lady: So you are going to make me pay $2 for a lighter?
Me: Well I don't have one to spare since I quit smoking.

Guy with munchies: Is there a snack machine?
Me: No, but the gift shop is still open.
Guy with munchies: Are you sure?
Me: They are open until midnight, it's not quite 11 yet. It's right over here, have a look.
Guy with munchies: And you are sure it's open? (not even looking yet)
Me: Well if it's not open I have to be angry at somebody for closing early.

Shaking guy: Do you have a bathroom on this floor
Me: Yes
~short pause~
Shaking guy: Where is it?
Me: Right over there. (Pointing in general direction of bathroom)

Hungry guest on phone: When does your room service stop?
Me: 11pm (11:30pm when he called)
Hungry guest on phone: So I can't get any food sent up to my room?
Me: There's a few pizza deliveries that run late, I can give you their numbers and I have menus at the desk.
Hungry guest on phone: So I have to call somewhere outside?
Me: Yes sir.
Hungry guest on phone: There's nothing open in the hotel?
Me: The Starbuck's is open.
Hungry guest on phone: Do they deliver?
Me: No sir.
Hungry guest on phone: So you can't help me?
Me: I've done all I can to help you, if you like I can connect you to a pizza delivery.
Hungry guest on phone: I don't want that, I want (starts reading items off the room service menu)
Me: Sir is that the room service menu you are reading from?
Hungry guest on phone: Yes
Me: Can you read to me what it says next to hours at the top?
Hungry guest on phone: 11am to 11pm
Me: Thank you sir, do you know what time it is?
Hungry guest on phone:(hangs up)

Domino's Guy: What's the phone number here, I don't think I have the right one.
Me: Hold on, I need to look it up.
Domino's Guy: You don't know the number to where you work?
Me: I never call here.

Food and beverage manager: Why is Starbuck's open?
Me: Starting yesterday they are open until 2am on Friday and Saturday
Food and beverage manager: Why?
Me: Because the biggest complaint from the guests is that the restaurant closes at 11.

Concerned Guest: I'm sorry to bother you
Me: It's what I'm here for.

Giggling drunk girl on phone: I want to order 4 large pizzas!
Me: So call the pizza delivery (Someone from the same room came down and got menus earlier)

Very lost and confused guest: Where's the front desk?
Me: Right here.

Guest with a cell phone in his ear: You know the area area code here
Me: 813
Guest with a cell phone in his ear: No I mean the zip code
Me: 33602
Guest with a cell phone in his ear: (to person on phone) 337...
Me: (shaking head then talking slow like he's mentally impaired) 3...3...6...0...2

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I have kind of a crazy idea.

I keep wanting to do more with music. I'm considering once I get my finances straightened out and most likely after Kathy moves in, turning the other bedroom into a recording studio. Or at least a place where I can mess around with music. I'm thinking to start out a dedicated computer, keyboard, mic, and an electronic pickup for my violin. The computer can run modular synth and drum machine software until I get a hardware synth and drum machine. I might also make some sick beats by bashing things together, distorting it, locking it in a loop. I've used a 5 gallon bucket as a drum in the past, so that's a thought as well.

It will be a start. It will keep me busy, maybe even turn into income. I'm not looking to get rich off of it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

And now the wisdom of Alan Watts.

What if you are god?

Something to think about.

The Bible is bullshit, the Quran is a lie

The Bhagavad Gita did not fall from the the sky. If you are religious, especially Christian, Muslim or Hindu, you are not going to like what I am about to say and hate the video more. The truth, THE REAL TRUTH, is that we as human beings have fought more with each other over the gods that we created than anything else. It's time to cut the crap. Put your story books aside and start helping one another and working together as human beings.

The books you hold most holy were written by men to control men, nothing more. While there are values and a sense of morality and spirituality to be found, there is also much encouragement to hate and even kill all those who are not like you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Synchronized goth dancing

Not quite what I was looking for but it was pretty funny to watch.

Something I never understood.

Why is it that when a Hollywood celebrity type comes out of the closet, the media makes a big announcement about it? Or maybe it's just the celebrity making the big announcement. Either way, what's the big deal? Who gives a shit?

I, for one, don't care who these Hollywood people are sleeping with. Am I alone in this? Do people really need to broadcast their sexuality to the world? I'm probly being a bit of a hypocrite in saything that, but I think if I ever got famous and people started asking questions the answers would gravitate toward "none of your fuckin business." Yeah it's pretty obvious I'm bi and that I'm a drag queen. But I don't think I make that big of a deal about it. I mean it's not on the 6 o'clock news, nor should it ever be.

Hours being cut at the hotel

It's slow so they are cutting one auditor to 4 days each week until business picks back up. Next week is my week. I'm rather annoyed by this. I have a rent to pay. I'm scraping to get by as it is. This is bullshit. I understand things are slow, but when it was busy they were making money hand over fist. It evens out. Not only that, do they really need to cut our hours? The day shift is as unreliable as it gets. Always late and calling off. Doesn't that keep payroll down?.

Maybe I need to find a different primary job.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This doesn't sound very lawyer like

More like a scammer or something.

Someone called my parents' house yesterday and left a message on the answering machine saying that they were my lawyer. They did not leave their name or contact number.

At first my mom thought they were calling for my dad since we have the same name. She was hoping he was divorcing her but she was not that lucky.

It sounds weird and seems to me like someone pulling a scam or a prank. I never hired a lawyer and if I did, recently, they would have my number at my apartment, not my mom's number.

Anything else it could have been?

Monday, September 22, 2008

I think I need a new seat for my bicycle

My ass has kind of a sore spot on it.

So yeah, time for a new seat. Think I'm going to get a gel one this time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My mother is trying to get me to move back home

I really don't want to. I mean I know things are not quite going the way I'd like them to, but I didn't move out that long ago. I would stand to save a lot of money moving back in. I could go back to school and get a new car. I'd also be able to better help my mother.

However, moving back to my parents house puts me further away from work. Monday - Friday this is not a problem, there's a bus that can take me to work. On the weekends, I'm not sure. That's the light part of it. I can't stand my father. I hate him. He is the reason I moved out in the first place. I don't like is attitude toward me and I can't stand the attitude he takes up with my mom. Then there's all the problems he has. His bladder control problem make the house reek of urine. His morbid obesity and need to use a walker to get around cause him to block off entire sections of the house. He has a severe eating disorder, because of this I cannot store any food in the refrigerator with out the risk of him eating it. His TV is on 24 hours a day with the volume cranked all the way up.

In my own place I enjoy simple things such as not having to be so self concious about whether or not I smell like I pissed myself. Or being able walk from the bedroom to the kitchen when ever I want. Or know that I can store food with out it disappearing.

I do have to say this, if my father was not there, I would be packing my stuff right now.

Evangelist's compound raided in child abuse case

I just saw this on CNN

(CNN) -- Federal and state police raided an evangelist's compound in Arkansas late Saturday to investigate whether any children have been physically or sexually abused, officials said.

Arkansas State Police troopers monitor the situation at Tony Alamo Christian Ministries in Fouke, Arkansas.

The raid is part of a two-year investigation into a compound near Texarkana owned by Tony Alamo Christian Ministries near Texarkana, Arkansas, said Bill Sadler of the Arkansas State Police. About 100 agents were on the 10- to 15-acre site late Saturday and met with no resistance, he said.

Alamo, reached by phone in Los Angeles, California, denied any wrongdoing.

"It's a hoax," Alamo said. "They're just trying to make our church look evil ... by saying I'm a pornographer. Saying that I rape little children. ... I love children. I don't abuse them. Never have. Never will."

Asked why authorities were searching the property, Alamo compared himself to Christ.

"Why were they after Jesus?" he asked. "It's the same reason. Jesus is living within me."

It was not known how many children may live at the compound and whether Alamo would be arrested, Sadler said.

Federal and state agents were executing two search warrants, Sadler said late Saturday, and no arrest warrants had been issued.

"Children were interviewed and continue to be interviewed at this hour and likely will continue to be interviewed tomorrow," Sadler told CNN.

In addition to FBI agents and Arkansas state police, officials with the state Department of Human Services participated in the raid at the church property in the town of Fouke, about 12 miles from Texarkana.

Alamo, who turned 74 Saturday, is an evangelist who also has dabbled as a singer and entrepreneur. Critics regard his ministry as a cult. The group has faced lawsuits and government actions, and Alamo has been arrested several times, publications have reported over the years.

Alamo is well-known in Arkansas, said Lynn LaRowe, a reporter with the Texarkana Gazette.

"It's not very rare to come out of any baseball game to find Alamo literature on your car," LaRowe said. "Around here, he is an extremely controversial character."

Alamo denied the existence of a compound, saying there are just houses "for miles" around his church.

Loves children and wouldn't rape them, didn't Michael Jackson say the same thing? If I was a Christian, I would be rather sickened by him comparing himself to Christ. Since I'm not, I can only mock. I would not be surprised if this is yet another that has their congregation rally behind them.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Either I'm getting old...

...Or I'm becoming way too much of a music snob.

I was just across the way from the hotel at Jackson's picking up foods for myself and the rest of the night crew. The turn the place into a night club on Friday and Saturday nights. Lots of nice eye candy, but the music was just horrid.

It was modern hip-hop, which I have to admit I can't stand and most of it was the manufactured mainstream junk. No real musical integrity what so ever.

I think my sidebar from Pandora gives one an idea as to what I like.

Here's some MSI for your listening pleasure.

Faggot - Mindless Self Indulgence

Friday, September 19, 2008

Well I can cook now

Not that I couldn't before, I actually happen to be a pretty good cook. But now I have cooking stuff. And silverware. I think I did pretty good. For $44 I got -
  • a frying pan
  • a 2qt pot
  • a 4qt pot
  • a bath towel
  • a 12 piece silverware set
  • 2 serving spoons
  • a spatula
  • a pair of oven mitts
  • a dish towel
  • 2 scrubber sponges
  • a bottle of dish washing soap
  • a bottle of Coke Zero.

Kinda funny, buying this really mundane stuff made me happy. I guess it's because I've never been totally on my own before. Always lived with parents or roommates. Always had stuff already there. Never had to buy my own. Kinda weird. This is just the bare basics, more will come with each paycheck.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One thing I do not understand about people.

The fact that some people are so blindly devoted to their faith and seem to shudder at the idea of questioning it. It's like what a friend of mine has on a plaque on her wall "God said it, I believe it, that ends it."

So just blindly follow? Like you have no mind of your own?

And don't question? I was actually told by someone who was trying to get me to believe that "God is never to be questioned." Why not?

I got to thinking about think when I was typing this response to a thread on TheologyOnline.com. I think the subject of the thread is a fine example. There are some passages in the Bible that call for the death penalty as punishment for homosexuality. But why? And why do the most faithful accept it and support it without question. I mean why did some ancient Hebrew decide that being gay was so icky that it warranted death. And to put it into their most sacred text. It just makes no sense.

And it's not just the Christian stand against homosexuality that I'm talking about here. There's a great deal of other blind following and blissful ignorance that I'm finding.

Of course I am reminded of what happened in the Bible when Job questioned God. The answer was anything but. It's sad when an all powerful deity lacks the balls to tell the person he's torturing the real reason why he is torturing them. And to settle a bet with the devil of all things. Makes for a good story but when people believe it like it's real just seem foolish.

I'm digressing here. Are we as humans not naturally curious? Do we not want to know things? Everything is up for question, including the divine if such a thing exists. Why deny that?

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Monday, September 15, 2008

And now I have phone and internet

Yeah, got woken up today by an installer that was 3 hours early.

After he left I was woken up again by somebody checking up on him an hour later.

No rest for the wicked.

Maybe when I get off in the morning.

I can sleep a little better now

Only because while I was out yesterday hunting for a bicycle tube, I also picked up a nice air matress. Only paid $20 for it and it's pretty comfy. Queen size too. :)

I can't believe that Target was out of bike tubes. WTF??? Ended up hiking and bussing to and from the Wal-Mart to find one. It's not like my bike takes a rare one, just a standard tube for a 26" tire. I bought 2 so I would have a spare. Next paycheck I'm buying a case from Price Point.

Now if my neighbor would just stop being a loud mouth drunken asshole, then I can really get some sleep.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

As another workday cames to an end

I'm hoping that my neighbors in the other half of the duplex are sober today. They were drunk yesterday when I got home at 11am. One was staggering to the liquor store at 7pm when I was on my way to work. Also I got woken up twice by them arguing with each other. I can do with out that too.

Don't et me wrong, they are nice people but I really don't care much for drunks.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I knew it was going to happen

On my way out my father started shit with me.

Reminded me of exactly why I am no longer living there. "Ignore him" My mother tells me. How do you ignore a 500+ pound sack of shit that is standing totally in your way? And instead of moving he just started screaming and shouting at me. I had a bus to catch, I don't have time for his bullshit. I have a job to get to. And this was after I spent vast majority of the last 2 days doing stuff for my parents. I don't deserve that.

I hope he chokes on his own fat.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spending the night at my parents house

I currently do not have internet or phone service in my apartment. New service doesn't get installed until Monday, old service left with my roommate. Makes it difficult to keep an eye out for available substitute teaching work.

So far though, nothing available.

I'm grateful for my mom letting me stay, but I do have to say, I am being reminded why I moved out/wanted to move out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's after 7:00am

And none of my staff is here.

This happens all the time, but it's making things hard on me this morning. One of the auditors is on vacation. I'm working by my lonesome. I have been having bursts of guests lining up in front of me, phone calls coming in and workers in other departments (that show up on time) waiting for me to sign out keys to them. All at the same time. I have a free moment right now, but I know I will get busy again, it comes in bursts.

And I just had one.

And my manager just got here at 7:15.

It's 7:20 and no one else is here. No desk clerk, no PBX, no Bellman.

No, wait, the bellman just got here.

Been really tired the past few days

I'm not sure if I'm just not getting enough sleep or if it's the fact that I have been sleeping on the floor. I also have new neighbors that are very loud and almost always shouting at each other. It's kinda like being next door to a couple of guests from the Jerry Springer Show.

Right now I feel exhausted. Like I could fall asleep at the desk at any moment. That's what I could really use right now. Sleep. In a nice comfy bed. In a comfy pair of jammies. Cuddled up with my girlfriend. That would be the best.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And now some useful hotel advice.

When you order a movie or make a phone call from a hotel, a tax is charged. Sometimes a pretty hefty one too. At the hotels I have worked at it was 15%. I'm not sure if that is a Florida thing or a nationwide thing. Either way, it is a communications tax. If you look at your phone bill or your cable bill you will see the same tax.

So when you order Outrageous Orgys (yes that is an actual title) off the Spanktra-Vision for $16.99 and you see a movie charge on you bill for $19.54, don't bitch to the desk. Realize the first thing we are going to do is look it up on the computer that runs movies to make sure you are charged right. On that computer we will also see that you ordered Shemale Seduction and Throbbing Threesomes (actual titles). We can see the titles. But more importantly it will tell us the price before and after tax. Yes, I know a 15% tax sucks, but the hotel doesn't profit off of it. And don't call the corporate office either, they can't do anything about it. If you really want to complain, might I suggest your congressman or senator? Just don't tell them it was Anal Attractions you were taxed on.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm not going to get into details in an effort to avoid drama.

The skinny of it is that my roommate moved out and I'm left in my apartment by myself. I'm cool with that. The problem I have is that all I have there is what I moved out of my parents' with. It isn't much. My clothes, my laptop, not much else.

No furniture, no appliances (except for the fridge and stove), no cookware, not even a bed. Worse yet, no running vehicle either. Makes getting stuff difficult.

I'm just venting.

I can get the bills paid on my paycheck from the hotel. It doesn't leave much left over for buying stuff. I'm hoping I can substitute teach enough on my days off.

This sucks, but I think I can work my way out of it. I started this blog as a plea for help. I could use a bail out, but I'll bail myself out, thanks.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hotel ranting

I used to want to work my way up to being a front office manager.

Here's an instance that makes me reconsider that, it happened last night. I was in the back office working on the audit while the other auditor was at the desk. An angry guest came up to the desk demanding to see the manager. Luckily the Assistant Front Office Manager was still there. So he dealt with it, not me. Good thing, I wouldn't have been able to hold myself. She was complaining because while she was out with her boyfriend, her daughters left the room and couldn't get back in. They left their keys in the room. When the daughters went to the desk to get another key, they couldn't because the only name on the room was the mother's boyfriend. The girls tried to call their mother and ended up waiting out front. That's what she was having a fit about. They were out front. According to her, the hotel was irresponsible because we let them go out front while she was out with her boyfriend. Yes, you read that right. The hotel was irresponsible, not her. BTW, the girls were 13 and 15, wearing more makeup than what I wear when I perform and dressed like they were going to a night club.

All the manager did was apologize profusely, like it really was our fault. I would have been inclined to tell her to do her daughters a favor and drop them off at an orphanage then do society a favor and do a swan dive off the 20th floor balcony.

Another story. Earlier tonight, right after the gift shop closed, a guest came tot he desk looking for aspirin. I cannot give that out and with the gift shop closed the only option for her is the Walgreen's about 3/4 of a mile away. I was showing her on a map how to get there and she got really frustrated. "I'm fat and you are treating this like it's a hop, skip and a jump." I was having trouble finding the sympathy. It might have something to do with the fact that I just rode a bike 22 miles to get to work and passed the Walgreen's right before I got here. I'm no lightweight. It's less than a mile, it is a "hop, skip and jump." Fat, whiny fucking maggot. I kindly pointed out that there are taxis out front.

In the upside, a guest needed a few bottles of water. I got them from the restaurant for him. When I brought them to him, he said that he had recently come into a large sum of money and is not normally this generous, then handed me $20. w00t! $20 and I didn't have to do anything that would make me feel cheap and dirty.

Actually I never feel cheap and dirty.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Did something today that I have not done in a while.

Sat by the water and meditated.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but the level of inner peace it brings me is just amazing. I normally like to do this at the beach, but where the Hillsborough River meets Downtown Tampa seemed to work as well.

I just wish I knew where my mind drifted to for a half an hour.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

If I wasn't working this weekend...

... I would be a Pure Night Club on Saturday night.


I could use that $200, if I win.

Quite possibly the song I would be performing...

Skinny Little Bitch - Angelspit

She's not moving down just yet

Her mother wants her to stay until November and she agreed to as long as she is not harassed.

As much as I want her down here I think that's fair.

Sister in law is moving out. I'm still annoyed with her outing my girlfriend to her family and a good portion of the small town she lives in.

Looks like my girlfriend might be moving down here sooner than expected

Though I'm not happy with the circumstances.

It's not about me being broke. I can fix that with or with out her. And I do want her here. It's about what her sister in law did. It's bad enough she's nothing less than a bitch to Kathy. But to go on to her computer and snoop around, then out her to her family is just over the top. Most of her family has turned against her. Gets worse, Kathy was talking to this guy about buying his car, SIL talked him out of it. There also a potential for the SIL's mother to go to Kathy's work and start trouble, this may cost Kathy her job. She's also afraid she might get jumped by her SIL's brother and his friends.

So she's now going to move in with me as soon as she can. She needs to get away. With her moving here from Virginia, she's going to need to find a job. I might be able to get her something at the hotel. I'm just annoyed with her SIL.

Weekend - The Birthday Massacre

"I promise you one day
I promise you always
We'll make it out one day
I promise you always"

Monday, September 1, 2008

I've decided to sell the Escort

Just going to sell it as is. I know I won't get much for it, but I can't afford to fix it. I need the money. I took it off the insurance today.

This really sucks.