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Drive Home - 10/26/2013 - New Job

So, this happened.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

ATTN PJI: A Lie For Jesus Is Still a Lie

I want to start out with a Bible verse, it's a short one.
Exodus 20:16
King James Version (KJV)
16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
That verse is actually repeated several times throughout the Bible and it is one of the 10 commandments, so I think it's kind a big deal. I bring this up because the Pacific Justice Institute, a 501 (c) non-profit organisation based out California, told a story about a transgender girl harassing other girls in a school bathroom in Colorado. This story found it's way on to ultra-conservative news services such as the Daily Mail, Examiner, and the CBN.

Some things already do not seem right about this. There's a pretty big distance between Colorado and California. Also, why is this coming through a source that claims to be for religious freedom yet does a lot of complaining about LGBT?

I'm not the only one that saw a need for some fact checking. Thankfully that has already been done by Cristan Williams at However, I do encourage anyone that is about to call bullshit or just wants to see for themselves that they check the facts on their own and contacting the school would not be a bad start.

You may also want to look for the story on the Daily Mail, but it's been deleted. You can check it on the Examiner, they posted a retraction and an apology. You can check it on the CBN, it's still there but oddly enough it was posted there before it was posted that the case was under investigation in the local news paper.

So what is the truth? The transgender girl in question is described being very shy, timid, and sweet by students, faculty and people in the local community. The school had reported there are no incidents involving this student. Students have come forward and stated there were no incidents. There are 2 recorded conversations on that reference one parent that complained. One parent complained while students, teachers and faculty have stated that there was nothing to complain about.

During this the child in question and her family have been traumatised. Can you imagine getting a call from your child's principal because the media wants to interview your child. Can you imagine even a small group of people protesting at your child's school because your child goes there? How would you like to be a teenager and receive death threats from people all over the world over something you did not do? How would you like to be publicly accused and condemned for something you did not do? How would you like to have that happen to your child? spoke to the mother of the child. There is a recording of her on their site. She sounds very upset and rightfully so.

And why would the PJI do this? Why would they harass and bully a child and serve as the catalyst for others to do the same? Their claim is that a transperson's presence in a restroom is inherently intimidating and harassing. So what does that mean? By merely walking in the restroom and squatting down in a stall she intimidated and harassed someone? That does not make her a problem. In that case, the person making the claim of harassment is the problem. This claim that she is inherently intimidating and harassing serves as an admission that she has not done anything wrong. The only motivation I can see is that the Pacific Justice Institute trying to get a “bathroom bill” overturned in California. Tell me, are a few ill-gotten signatures on a petition worth child being completely traumatised? is also carrying this story and propagating the lies. This is a site that primarily focuses on the pro-life and personhood movements. It's a common claim by pro-lifers that all life, no matter how small, is precious. Between the article they posted and the comments at the end of it, it is quite clear that if said life is transgender, it's a little less precious.

The Pacific Justice Institute needs to do one of two things – either prove that this child is the horrible person they claim she is or admit their lies and publicly apologise to her and her family. To the PJI and those carrying and promoting this story – CBN, World Net Daily, Liberty Counsel, Life Site News, and anyone else that I have missed – You make the claim that you are a Christian organisation. What does your god say about bearing false witness? Would Jesus have publicly slandered and traumatised a child for political gains?

Here's a list of links if you want to read more on this. I have included links that are on both sides of the story.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Glenn Beck and the Cursive Conspiracy

I really wish people would read the facts before speaking out against something.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Atheists against a movie that has not been produced?

News to me. And when I saw this tweet from Ken Ham, I had to check it out.

I like to follow Ken Ham on Twitter, sometimes I read his blog. It give me a peep into the mind of a man who is wrapped up in his delusions he can't think outside of it, or had so much riding on the ignorance of his followers that if he is found to be a fraud, he's fucked. Either way, when I read his blog post about atheists being against a movie, I wanted to say a few things. And people seem to like it when take shots at creationists.

Time to deconstruct.
As we have come to expect from most atheists, they are already against a message before they even see and hear it! That’s because they have decided that no matter what evidence is before them and no matter what someone argues, if it has its basis in the Bible, it’s wrong regardless!
Really? There's an awful lot of atheists that I know that don't give a shit. But may that just reflect the people I know personally. Just the same, none of the Christians I know personally subscribe to the same brand of creationist fucknuttery as Ken Ham. The same fucknuttery that says if it is not in the Bible, then it's wrong. Look, if you have a message, that's cool. But if you are going to present your message as science, you are going to need evidence to back it up. A book a fables written by desert dwelling nomads during the Bronze age is not a source of evidence.
We saw an example of this again last week. Good friend of AiG Eric Hovind and his ministry are producing a 3D movie depicting Genesis. The Christian Post reported on this movie and quoted the president of the American Atheists as he commented on the movie’s successful fundraising campaign:
“I’m not at all surprised at this kind of support,” said David Silverman, president of American Atheists. “As we have seen in nearly every religion in world history, indoctrinated victims of religion will do anything, including pay large sums of money, to have their antiquated beliefs of immortality validated. Flashy movies may make Christians feel like there is validity to the myth that they are immortal, covering up the known and proven truth with special effects.”
While David Silverman at the most speaks only for his particular atheist organization, I agree with what he said here. This is merely his opinion of the production and those behind it. I have nothing against the production of the movie, though I would strongly suggest that it come with a disclaimer stating that it is based off a literal interpretation of the Bible.
Secular museums and documentaries (and other films) spend large sums of money to make flashy movies and exhibits—but that’s OK as long as they teach atheism, evolution, and millions of years as fact! But, if Christians use the latest technology to produce first-class museum exhibits and a startling movie to teach people the truth of God’s Word, well, that’s not OK for atheists because they have already decided Christianity is false.
Whine, whine, whine. So someone had an opinion and you didn't like it. Go cry in your Bible. I've never seen a museum or a documentary that teaches atheism. Can someone point one out to me? As far as evolution and a 4.5 billion year old Earth are concerned, that is the conclusion that the available evidence leads to. If you have found another conclusion, then by all means publish your findings with your research and methodology so that it may be peer reviewed. If your concerns do indeed center around finding what is true, then you will have no problem doing this and will not cry foul should any error be found. If you are going to build a museum or make a movie based off a pseudo-science that has no basis in reality and present it as fact, then people who are concerned about the truth of the reality we experience are going to call you out on your bullshit.
What I’ve noticed about many atheists and other secularists is that they often cry tolerance, but they are often the most intolerant people around! Really, they are tolerant of all opinions as long as they agree with their own.
I've noticed the same thing and the latter part of that statement can be applied to creationists as well. This is why I do not cry tolerance and make no claims of being tolerant myself. There many things I'm intolerant of and one of them is complete and utter bullshit. It's what happens when you are genuinely concerned with what is true.
Besides, why should an atheist like Silverman even care anyway? After all, within 100 years, according to Silverman’s atheist religion he will cease to exist when he dies! If that’s so, he will never know he did exist—so why care?
I care about what is true. I care about what is correct. I care about what is real. If we are going to function as a society, if we are going to advance as a society, if we are going to solve problems as a society, then the information we use needs to be true and correct. I care because I have benefitted from those who came before me that cared about the same things. I care because I want future generations to reap the same benefits. If I am only going to live on after my death in the form of memories and recorded data, I'd really rather not have any of that to be negative. I want to watch the world learn while I am here, not remain blissfully ignorant to preserve an ancient superstition.
As I’ve said many times, atheists do care because their heart is crying out that there is a God! But as Romans chapter 1 teaches us, those people who rebel against God “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.” They work hard to try to convince themselves there is no God, so that there is no one to whom they are accountable, no one to tell them they are sinners in need a Salvation, and no one to tell them what is right and what is wrong (e.g., that marriage is between a male and female only)! Atheists work hard to suppress this.
I think you would get a lot further if you asked atheists rather than make blind, bold assertions. Did you have to convince yourself that Zeus or Krishna did not exist? Are you not accountable to yourself or anyone you may have wronged? Why does anyone need to be told they are sinners in need of salvation? Do you really need a god to tell you right from wrong or can you figure that out yourself? Why is marriage between male and female only and why did you feel the need to bring it up? Ask questions, it's how you learn stuff. Atheists are not the ones looking to suppress truth, if anything they are the ones who care about what the truth really is.

In closing I'll say that it is my opinion that the Genesis account was never meant to be taken literally and instead is a fable or a parable for which things can be learned from. Taking it literally gives it limited validity and promotes ignorance. Furthermore, creation peddlers like Ham and Hovind have turned it in to a really bad episode of The Flintstones. It's bad enough they figuratively piss on the works and  accomplishments of scientists who's work they reap the benefits of, but in their efforts to push their pseudo-science they piss on the text that they claim to hold in the highest reverence. This is bad and they should feel bad.

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#Brighthouse came through for me

I like this modern world we live in. Have a problem with a business, bitch about it on social media, shit gets fixed. Where "Ryan" at Brighthouse chat support failed, Deanna @BrightHouseCare on Twitter succeeded.

Now I have a shiny new DVR, a clear picture and sound, and I can record without worry. Also the new box seems to be more responsive than the old. Old one had a really annoying delay.

So big thanks to Deanna on Twitter.