Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Economy Must Be Picking Up

I'm finding more available jobs and getting more interviews. If one of the interviews turns to a new job, that would just be awesome. The sooner I can move on the better. I fucking hate my job more than ever. There is no talking this over. There is no making this work. At this point I will gladly take a fucking pay cut to get the hell out.

If those worthless fucks I work for still read this shit, maybe they will get the message.

The message being that I do not appreciate having the stress and tension of having a manager hover over me while I work and not have any of the benefits of it. Seriously, that's the main reason I work audit in the first place.

Fuck you and fuck your camera. I'm so done.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm pissed, yet again.

Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh, so I haven't made a post in who knows how the fuck long, but I'm pissed, I need to vent, and I'm not in a position where I can go on a rant in a youtube video at the moment. It's not like anyone really reads this tripe.

I'm pissed. I'm really fucking pissed. Want to know what has me so pissed? I will tell you any way. It's my job. Like I have not bitched about that before, right? This time it's a little different. I can't complain about my co-workers at the desk. Not even the morning crew. Sure some of them still come in late every now and again, but I've learned to just shut up and take the overtime money. I've grown to appreciate that. I came to realize that when I was bitching about people coming in late I was bitching something that results in me getting more money. It just seemed really silly after that.

I'm not pissed with my front office manager either. She's actually been pretty cool and I think some of my frustrations in the past may have been a bit premature and out of line. She's having the same difficulties as myself and everyone else that works at the desk and I believe that she has done all she can do about it. Last time I saw her she looked upset. Truth be told, I'd like to find a hotel that needs a front office manager, auditors and desk clerks. Just take everyone there with me. Except for that one guy, yeah him, he fucking sucks, like a supercharged vacuum.

How fucked up is that? I'm pissed. I want to quit. I would have been out of here already if I had another job to go to. On the other hand, I don't think people I work with should be left behind to deal with this shit. I also don't think my leaving is going to change anything. It's not going to "show them." It's not going to "send a message." Maybe I'll pass on to them, "this hotel needs a manager, this hotel needs a desk clerk." It's the least I can do. I have to move on. I've had enough.

So what has me so pissed? A big part of it is these damn computers and printers we have here. For months now I have been looking like a total fucking choad when a guest comes to the desk and needs to check in or out. At best they are pathetically slow. Most the time they lock up, crash, overheat, and/or give the blue screen of death. It takes a minimum of 20 minutes to reboot and get them to the point where I can  use the property management software. And that is if I'm lucky and everything works on the first reboot. Usually it doesn't. Usually it takes 5-6 reboots. Some times I get a lock up. Or a crash. Or a blue screen. The one printer I have left spews toner, prints slow and sounds like pebbles in a coffee grinder.  I used to have another printer available to me, but it has been sitting in the back office for 2 weeks now, broken and waiting for replacement. Next to it is a broken front desk computer. The onboard video card burned up on it a week ago. We used to have to open it up and let it cool off every night. In it's place is the computer that used to be on the front office managers desk. That one is actually pretty good, for now. So at the front desk I have one good computer, one that regularly gives the blue screen and a printer that will crap out any day now. Makes it hard for me to do my job. Even the one good computer strains and sometimes throws an error on the audit. I'd imagine it sucks for the day shift too.

These computers are old as fuck too. IBM's from 2005. Yeah, fucking 8 years old. They need to be replaced. The chain of hotels that I work for even has a replacement program as these are not the brand standard any more. My manager even wrote up an order for it. General manager won't sign off on it. He's holding this shit up. I have no fucking idea why. It doesn't make sense. I can barely do my job. It takes me half an hour to check someone in. I can't issue guests that are checking out a receipt. I have reports and receipts that look like someone wiped their ass with them. I couldn't deposit credit cards one night because of a problem and it took tech support the better part if a day to fix it. What is it going to take? business to totally come to a halt?

Here's another thing that is pissing me off. I have no place to sit. Is a fucking table and a couple of chairs too much to ask for? Seriously, holy fucking shit. They put this big overdone sign and larger than life size picture of luggage in the luggage storage room. No one is going to see that shit. Obviously a couple of computers and printers are way over the top, but a fucking table and chairs? I just want a place to do my busy work and take my break. Eating at the desk is just fucking tacky and someone always walks in on me. FUCKING PRIORITIES! COMMON FUCKING SENSE! I want to work for someone that gives a shit and spends money a bit more intelligently. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? Next thing you know they will build a fucking water park while the desk clerks are having to hand write everything. Oh wait....

Seriously, am I wrong in wanting to move on? I don't want to look like a total fucking choad. I want equipment that works as hard as I do. I fucking want a place to sit down. Yeah it may sound like first world problems, but I live in the god damn first world mother fucker. Sure there's a guy in some shithole that would carve up his own genitals for my job and fry them up in a pan and eat them for what I get paid, but that's his problem.