Sunday, October 31, 2010

Christmas started pissing me off early this year

Really I guess I can't blame it directly on Christmas this time, but on the local Wal-Mart and K-mart. Still I'm pissed. Went to the Wal-Mart after I got off work to pick up some groceries and noticed that the Halloween stuff was being pushed aside and the Christmas stuff was being put in it's place. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? Stopped by the K-Mart before work to get a drink and saw they did the same thing. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?

It's the day before Halloween. Couldn't they wait until after? Better yet, how about waiting until after Thanksgiving? Bad enough Christmas has ruined my birthday every year as long as I have been alive, but does it have to creep it's way into my favourite holiday as well?

My name is Pastor Adam Briggs of Damascus Road Bible Fellowship, today is October the 30th 2010, we're here in Indianapolis, it's Saturday night and I'm going to talk about burning copies of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas on Internet message boards but I'll never have the nerve to do it.

Well isn't that special. What do fundies do for Halloween? Picket costume stores? Fundamentalist Christians, how do they work?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

And in between people and work that keeps me busy, I blog

I said it before. I'll say it again. This hotel I work at could really benefit from having an extra person on weekends to do housekeeping, maintenance and security. Yeah, that's more they have to pay out in labor, more that cuts in to the profits, but that's why you jack up the price a little on weekends. Just a thought. There's probly more to it than what's om my mind here. I'm sure there's a reason why there has never anything more than auditors on this shift. Probly more cost effective that way or something.

Whatever. That's all I got to say about that.

Is a fully automatic shotgun too much to ask for?

Or a classic, a mounted MG-42 (Hitler's buzzsaw!) on the desk labeled "Complaints Department."

This place can stress me out so much. Yes, that much.

I think I've said enough now. I think you get my point.

In other news....

My name is Pastor Adam Briggs of Damascus Road Bible Fellowship, today is October the 29th 2010, we're here in Indianapolis, it's Friday night and I'm afraid to respond to this blog.

Yeah I'm not done picking on him. It's too much fun and I doubt he's got the balls to say anything to me here. Maybe I should spam his blog with links to mine. Maybe that would just be too asinine for me.

Moving on, I need to get seriously cracking on losing weight. I want to be thin by the next DragonCon. I want to go there in a Sisters of Battle costume and I want to look DAMNED good in it. I want to be at the 40K tables wearing it while I play my Chaos Noise Marines army. That should really fuck with some heads. I want across from me to be another Sister looking just as hot if not more so fielding Crimson Fists or Blood Angels. That would be just fucking epic.

If I can just get one of these made, one for Kathy, it would just fucking rock. Hope she can handle all the attention. There's a few other costumes I want that I need the right body to go with, but this is the big one. I'd wear it on stage too.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The dumb things I hear in the still of the night...and stuff.

I've worked overnight shifts for a long time, I kinda like it. No, really I do. Most places where I have worked overnight bring a new meaning to the term "daytime drama." I'll keep my overnight shift, thank you.

I get annoyed with how people react when they find out what hours I work. It's always the same lines. Like "When do you sleep?" I get that a lot. When do you think I sleep? During the day! Seems pretty common sense. I think that's part of the problem.

There's another common reaction. "You much drink a lot of coffee." Why? I mean, I do drink coffee. Lately I've been drinking tea, but I don't really need to. It's like alcohol, I'm drinking it for flavour and effect.

I guess in both cases they are just assuming that I haven't been sleeping all day. Working my hours is pretty weird, but so am I. Probly why I've been doing it for so long.


I ran this little app on facebook to tell me what words I use most. Both "fuck" and "fucking" are in the top 10. I'm rather amused that I say fuck more times than Zoog. And he's from Australia. What the fuck? BTW, Zoog is one half of Angelspit, and if you don't know who they are, you should look them up.

I'm still thinking in some way I'm selling myself short, I really need to do something about that.

My mind has been churning a lot with creative shit though, so that's good. Keep watching, I just might do something cool.

That being said, it's getting up on time for me to leave work.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Morality, never really looked at it this way

Found this video tonight, really made a lot of sense.

Don't mind me I'm just rambling like an idiot

Yeah so I'm at the desk watching a youtube video and I had to stop it because some guest walked in and decided to use the lobby computer. So I'll blog instead while I have the video on pause. I guess I'll watch it later. I have shit I should be doing any way. Holy shit! I'm distracted and have to do things I get paid for at the moment.

Well that never fails. I get to doing things I get paid to do and I get a guest nagging at me at the same time. And why do they always ask me how I'm doing? I know it's a politeness thing but really, just get to the point. No one calls in the middle of the night to check on the well being of the guy at the desk. Except maybe my mother. Or your mother, but that's another story that she told me not to tell anyone.


But enough of that. Fuck it. I really need to move on to something else. Or something. I really need to find a new job to be unhappy with and bitch about.

So any way. What else?

I can't say for sure, but I think Halloween night is going to be spent with my girlfriend at home. Unless someone I know is having a house party or something that night and hasn't told me. Part of me wants to go to a bar or night club or something, but I'm not up for dealing with crowds of gawkers and douchebags. And there's only a few places that play music I like. I guess I would be more inclined to go out, but I don't live by any place I want to go and I lack in transportation. Whoring myself out for a ride never works. I just still don't know what I am going to do.

I think I'm starting to prefer cons to Halloween, truthfully. Maybe I just need to move to a part of the world that doesn't suck. Seriously. I don't think I'd have this issue if I lived in a big city. Fuck Largo. And fuck you if you live there. Can someone please open up a decent night club in this shit hole? Or 2 maybe? One that has drag queens and one that plays punk, industrial and metal? Hell all that under the same roof would be fucking epic! Seriously!

Maybe I should do that. I don't know. Could it work?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

About Pastor Adam C. Briggs

Normally I wouldn't waste my time with or give attention to this righteous troll. Normally I'd consider myself above attacking someone that is so witless and cowardly. But sometimes you just have to put someone in their place and this someone has been a thorn in my side for some time. It's time I get this off my chest like I've been meaning to. By the way, I'm hoping this gets back to Adam. I want it to. The invite is open from him to come here, on my turf and show me I'm in any way wrong or make some attempt at defending himself. I seriously doubt he will.

I'm going to pose a similar question to what he posed a while back when he took a few of the things I said in my online profiles out of context. He asked if I should be teaching children. I now ask if Pastor Adam is the kind of person you want leading you in prayer.

In fact, let's start with that. Why is it that he found it important to leave out my educational background (right there in the same profile), yet bold "drag queen?" Is being an artist/entertainer a bad thing when one is also a teacher? When I was in school, I had a teacher that was a drummer in a band, did that somehow make him unfit to teach as well? I'd like an answer to that. I think Adam was making an attempt to discredit me in some way, which makes leaving out facts that go against your point OK.

Adam likes to totally dehumanize and demonize people that may not agree with him as evidenced in his own blog. Such as this post accusing someone he quite obviously knows little about of being a eugenicist. Watch what you say on Twitter folks, there's no telling what he may accuse you of. The response to his post from the author of that Tweet was epic pwnage. Do you really want someone that makes these kind of accusations leading you to Jesus?

There's also this older post where he says things about a grocery store clerk that I can only guess he didn't have the balls to say to their face. He's pretty insistent that they are insistent on insulting him. Maybe it was too much for his narrow mind to ask "why all the questions?" If the conversation went verbatim as he typed it, I would have to say the clerk was either being nosey or maybe really did want a big family. I've been know to ask similar questions because large families are not very common. The national average is what? 2.5? What I also don't get is if he was offended, why didn't he say something to the store manager? Should someone that cowardly condemns another person for asking what may very well be innocent questions be on the pulpit?

Adam has also made some comments on a mock site for his favourite homophobic cookie shop. Not quite sure what he said, but it was too naughty for them to approve. Wow, a pastor that says offensive things on the internets and/or uses bad words? This guy is really digging a hole for himself.

Adam Briggs says:
September 30, 2010 at 4:10 pm
Isn’t it funny that my comment supporting “Just Cookies” has not been approved for publication. I thought this website didn’t support discrimination?

admin says:
September 30, 2010 at 4:31 pm
I reserve the right to censor comments that I would not want my children to see. The wording you chose to utilize in your comment fell into this category. I do not censor based on views, obviously.

Adam Briggs says:
September 30, 2010 at 4:59 pm
The word I used is in every major dictionary and is acceptable even in law books here in the U.S. You have now shown that you discriminate as much as the next citizen does. Discrimination is part of every day life, get over it.
How's that for Christian love?

Now if all that isn't enough, well, look through my blog where I've pointed out more of his idiocy.

Do I really need to say more? I could, but I've said enough for now.

Was I the only one that noticed how he clams up when confronted? I wonder why.

Stuff, other stuff, some stuff on the side, stuff in a to go box

So what the fuck is going on with me lately?

Turns out I do have Halloween off. I thought I wouldn't be able to take it off after hearing about a software upgrade at my work. The upgrade is planned for 1/11/2011, not 11/1/2010 as the person informing me of it said. They must either be dyslexic or think they are British. But what ever the case, I still have Halloween off. This makes me happy. No clue about where to go, what to do, what to wear. I am open to suggestions. I want to keep my contact with total fucking douchebags to a minimum, that's about my only requirement.

Managed to really piss off someone that's been a friend since high school. Surprisingly enough, I actually do have a friend that is very religious. She gets offended when I make remarks about Jesus. I may have to start putting disclaimers on my Facebook status updates. Kinda like Tim Minchin does with at least one of his songs.

Picked up Fallout New Vegas for the Xbox. Fun game. I won't spoil it for you, but if you liked Fallout 3, you will like this one. Don't think of it as Fallout 4, it's more like a really big expansion for Fallout 3. So big it had to be it's own game and take place on the other side of the country.

I need to stop spending money on small stuff and save it up for something big, like a new laptop. There's things I want to do that require a computer. The "Perseph-a-thon" was a bust. Nothing came in to my tip jar and I think I made a dollar on my google ads. Guess I'll just have to make money the old-fashioned way and suck cock on the corner. Or something.

My name is Pastor Adam Briggs of Damascus Road Bible Fellowship, today is October the 23rd 2010, we're here in Indianapolis, it's Friday night and don't tell my wife or the people at my church that I fantasize about sucking Persephone's cock.

Wait what? That's just creepy. I still need to make a post about that asshole. If you go to either of his blogs and spread hate, make sure you tell him I sent you.

Almost as creepy as the picture I just saw of a nude, tribal looking woman breastfeeding a monkey. Seriously google, I was looking for monkeys, not weird porn. Why do google searches always turn up weird porn images? It's fine when I'm looking for that sort of thing, but at the moment I'm not.

You are going to do a google image search for "monkey" now, aren't you? Comment if you did, you fucking perv. Truthfully the girl was kinda hot save for her sagging boobs and the fact that she was breastfeeding a monkey.

Ok now that you are done wanking, what else have I got? Oh yeah! Angelspit has a new remix CD out and a new vid. Check them out, they fucking rock!

Also, Check out the krankhaus channel on youtube. It's Angelspit's official channel and there are cool vids on it. Zoog recently posted some recent interviews.

I'm still pissed with PSTA, my recent communications with them tell me that they do not want to take any responsibility for their lousy service. They said they would investigate, but I think they are full of shit.

What's with the monkeys? What? You got a problem with monkeys?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Are you wearing purple today?

You should be wearing purple today.

It's a stand against anti-GLBT bullying.

So put on something purple.

Then beat a homophobe until they are purple.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I seriously hope someone that's in charge of PSTA gets raped, twice, this is getting ridiculous

I'm getting really sick of this. Seriously, WTF? Does riding the bus make me a second class citizen or something? Another problem tonight on my way to work. Here's a copy of the complaint I sent them-

I was waiting for the 18 at the bench near Missouri & Rosary and the bus went past me at a rather high rate of speed. I tried to chase after the bus as I needed it to get to work and I believe the only reason it stopped was not because I was chasing it, but because of the light at the intersection turning red. That's where it stopped, I ran to it. when I got on the bus, I was greeted by attitude from your driver. I'll admit, I was upset, but his attitude only added to it as did him telling me to get off the bus. Which I refused to do as I was going to work. If I at my job treated a customer the way this driver treated me, I would be out of a job. He was completely out of line.

Is it standard practice for drivers to upset someone and then tell them they can leave the bus? Is being left at a stop something I can expect? What exactly am I getting out of the $10 more I pas a month for my monthly pass? How about hiring some drivers that can do their job right? How about putting lights at the stops? How about not being such an epic failure?

I'm pissed. That driver was an asshole. I would have slugged him if it wasn't a felony. He needed it. I also sent a comment to Pinellas County's Transportation Task Force about this and I'm looking into what else I can do. PSTA need to know they suck. Pinellas County needs to know PSTA sucks. People need to know PSTA sucks.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I was right, PSTA still sucks after jacking up the price

Customer service fail tonight on my way to work, I'll just let the copy of the comment I sent them below explain it.

Bus arrived 10 minutes late to stop near Missouri & Rosery. I asked the driver to call ahead to the beach trolly and ask them to wait. She refused to beause she "was 10 minutes late and no one will wait." When the bus did get to the Park Street terminal at 10:17 pm, the beach trolley was pulling away from the platform. I asked her to quickly try to get them to stop. She did, they stopped, but it really could have been avoided if she called when I asked her to.

I've said this before, I work an overnight shift and I rely on PSTA to get me to work on time. This kind of service is unacceptable. How many times have I contacted PSTA before? Late busses and unprofessional drivers are not something I should be forced to expect. Now I am paying more for the same lousy service.

I'm getting the impression that PSTA just doesn't care.

More exacting, they just don't give a shit, kinda like the phone company used to be when there was only one.

Why am I paying $10 more a month again?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wal-Mart pissed me off

So I got paid today and was going to pre-order Fallout New Vegas. I wanted to pre-order it sooner but that wasn't really an option. So I went to Wal-Mart to pre-order and because they are having a midnight release. Wal-Mart is pretty close to my apartment, so if I pick it up at midnight (or more realistically, if I send Kathy for it) there's not need to be concerned about getting home. When I finally got a chance to talk to someone at the electronics counter, after waiting in a line of stupid people, I was told that I had to either go to the website to go to Game-Stop. WTF? WTF? WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?

SO let me get this straight, there's pre-order signs in the store. The are advertising pre-orders, but I can't pre-order in the store? That's bullshit. While they are at it, why don't they just advertise other things they don't actually sell in the store? Would do me just about as much good.

Not cool. I'm fucking pissed.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bullies and suicide

I'm sure you have heard of this lately. I mean it's got back to me, so everyone must have heard of it. Now honestly, my heart goes out to those kids that offed themselves and the friends and family they left behind. I really do wish someone was there to tell them what I am about to say here. If you are being bullied, keep reading. If you know someone that is being bullied, direct them to this. What I have to say is not very nice and far from politically correct, but fuck that shit. When have I ever been politically correct.

Look, if you are being bullied and and you are contemplating suicide, you, in addition to taking the worst possible and permanent solution to a temporary problem, are making sure that bully has beaten you down in the biggest possible way they can. It doesn't show them anything but their ultimate victory and your epic weakness. I'd rather a bully kill me than kill myself because of them, at least I died fighting. And that's the point I want to make.

I'm going to take you back to when I was 5 years old, right before my first day of school. My dad taught me something very valuable. Maybe he saw something coming. Maybe he looked at his son that was short, fat, pale white and nerdy and knew what was going to happen. He taught me something that stuck to this day. He taught me how to fight. He told me "If they hit you, hit them back, harder." That lesson alone made any bullying moments, even to this day, very short lived. Yes, it also got me in a lot of fights, caused me a few suspensions, got me kicked out of various establishments and almost got me arrested. Still I'm thankful for this and would not have it any other way.

Now if you are thinking "what a terrible thing to teach a kid!" Well, get a fucking clue. I was a bully's worst nightmare. I was someone that would stand up to them. And if you are being bullied, that's what you need to be. Society, public schools, modern political correctness and the like tell you something different. They teach you to be non-confrontational. They teach you to run and cry to an authority figure. So the authority figure goes and lectures them. Whoopty fucking doo. What did that accomplish in the end? More bullying for you, right? Bullies don't understand lectures.

So here's what you do instead. Show some strength, stand up to them. Think about it. Did the Spartans lecture the Persians? When the Americans declared their independence, did they lecture the British? You see when I'm getting here? And look, don't start swinging on them right away, not until they start swinging on you. If that's all they are doing is running their mouth, a simple "Fuck off" should suffice. What ever happens from there, you stand your ground. Do not in any sense back down, even if you are getting your ass kicked, at least you stood up. That's the point where you grab a blunt object and bash them with it if you need to. This is what works. Bullies only understand violence. They prey on the weak, show them you are not weak and they will leave you alone. Give them a reason to fear you, all it takes is a show of strength, that you are not going to take their shit.

Stay strong, stay alive, and when you are older, you will be thankful you did. You got to remember, it's the weird, odd, quirky and nerdy people that make the world a cool place. There's been a lot of vids on youtube about this to the theme of "It gets better" And it does, it really does. Look, I was (and still am) short, fat and nerdy. I got picked on a lot. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty damned cool now.

I leave you with this song from The Crüxshadows, it has helped me get through a lot of bad times.

Monday, October 11, 2010

National Coming Out Day and random ramblings.

So it's National Coming Out Day, Columbus Day, and Canadian Thanksgiving. This of course leads me to understand that Columbus was a gay Canadian. If he wasn't such a gay Canadian, he would not have told the pope to fuck off when the pope said the world was flat. As we all know churchy types are always right and gays are gay because they hate god, so they say the church is wrong. Or something like that.

Actually NCOD falling on the same day as Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving is obviously part of the gay agenda. It's obviously obvious that it's obvious, you would be a liar if you didn't see that. And a fool. And a communist.

Alright, time for some coming out-

My name is Pastor Adam Briggs of Damascus Road Bible Fellowship, today is October the 11th 2010, we're here in Indianapolis, it's Monday night and I'm a big whiny crybaby. I like to talk about burning Qurans but haven't got the balls to actually burn one. I cry like a little girl when people make fun of me on the internets. I want you to support my favourite homophobic cookie store.

Wait, no, I'll be getting to that jackass in a later post. What I meant to say was -

I'm Persephone 66 I'm a bisexual, transgendered, atheist, vegetarian that votes Libertarian.

There, I said it. With that off my chest it's back to the baby killings, blood orgies, raping and pillaging. Because that's what people like me do. I honestly don't know where I find time for it with all the plotting and scheming and all the agendas and conspiracies.

This blog is central to many conspiracies and agendas, your reading it is part of those.

Monday, October 4, 2010

So the price of the bus went up, but will the service get any better?

I'm doubtful.

And annoyed. The buses I ride are late more often than not. Especially the first one I ride on Saturday night. That one has made me late for work several times and forced me to take a bus that is nearly an hour earlier. To add to my frustration, most places I need to go require 2 buses and they never connect. Nearly every time the bus I'm on is with in a block of the terminal, the bus I need is pulling out of the terminal. Then I have to wait at the terminal for 20 minutes to damn near an hour depending on the day or time of day for the next bus. Does an outdoor bus terminal that is crawling with homeless and surrounded by Scientologists seem like the place you want to spend an hour of your time on a 90+ degree summer day? It's not a happy place, far too many creeps and weirdos and not the fun kind either. The security guards that are there during the day don't make me feel any safer. Not that I think anyone would mess with me, but still it's not some place where I want to sit for an hour.

Let's take a look at the changes.

I'm seeing the word eliminate being used an awful lot. I get the impression that those that regularly ride are paying more while PSTA is doing less. $10 more for a monthly pass, 50 cent's more for a daily, quarter more one way. That's got to add up. It's not sitting right with me. I'm trying to keep in mind they did just lose a grant, but jacking up prices and cutting service? If there's a significant improvement in the service provided, I guess it may be justified.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Did you ever think that maybe you were selling your self short?

At your job I mean?

I've got a lot in the way of skills, talents and knowledge. Not saying that I have any clue as to what to do with it though. But still, I think what I know and what I can do is worth more than what I am currently getting paid. Sometimes I think I'd be better off being in business for myself rather than working for someone else.

Maybe it's because my night is off to a stressful start. Maybe it seems that every night I feel that my sanity is being gnawed away. Maybe it's because my chances of advancement or even getting a raise seem to be slim to never. Even if I were to leave where I am and work at another hotel, if I'm still an auditor, the pay is going to be the same if I'm lucky. Maybe I'm growing tired of what I'm doing and want to try something different. Maybe I just feel I could be doing something more. Or better. More rewarding in some way or another?

Honestly I'm not even sure what I'd do. I had this goal of being a teacher. I still do. I love teaching. I'm pretty good at it too. Teaching in a public school requires me to meet their requirements. I don't meet those requirements so the best I can get from the public schools is substitute teaching. I could look in to private schools, but most the ones I know of are attached to a church. Being an atheist, I'm not going to get a job at any of those. I guess there's private tutoring, I considered that once before, but it's not quite what I'm looking for.

At the least, right now anyway, I need something that pays better so I can put myself through college. But the same question still remains, what do I do? I mean if I were to start up a business for myself? Even if it were something on the side? I just keep thinking there's something more I can be doing, even with my spare time. At the least just to have a bit extra to make life easier to live. And pay for that degree that I want to finish.

I'm sure there's something I can do. If anyone that knows me well enough has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I guess I'm just stressed out and rambling at this point. Been dealing with a lot of stupid and annoying people. I hate my job more than usual at the moment and this has been running through my mind.

I guess I just need to take some serious self-reflection time and seriously consider things.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I was going to lay off the fundies for a while, then I saw this -

No really you can't be this stupid.

Christians aren't an offense to society at large. The homos on the other hand are spreading their disease in murderous fashion in city and country alike. Also, they are decreasing our population leaving us open to a future Muslim takeover.

That being said folks, you should stop being gay and get to breeding! The Muslims are coming! THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING!!!!!! Pastor Adam Briggs of Damascus Road Bible Fellowship said so!