Saturday, December 31, 2011

So I have Rattlers in my stomach

Wonder if anyone reading this caught the Farscape reference.

It's weird, what's going through my mind right now. I can't really stop thinking abut it. By morning, regardless of the outcome it will be a weight lifted off me. Either things will be changed at my work or I will change jobs. I don't know why I'm stressing, but I am. Never really been in a position quite like this. I've been in positions where it was likely, but not definite.

I will tell my manager things need to change. I will say that I have found another place to do my paperwork. The note where she told the audit to do that is what prompted this. It pushed me over the edge. The new procedure of the audit having to sort and organise the days paperwork has only left me with the impression that they cannot be bothered to do it right. Just like they cannot be bothered to come to work on time. I don't mind having do more work. It keeps me busy. However, it needs to have a purpose. It needs to accomplish something.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Good Gnus, Bad Gnus

Yeah, so I grew up watching The Great Space Coaster, so fucking what?

Good News - 

I have been interviewing lately and I have an offer on the table. The person making this offer has strongly suggested that I have a talk with my boss and try to get things fixed so I don't feel like I have to quit. They have a point really. I have been back there nearly 3 years now and to have to leave in anger and start over somewhere else would be a bit ridiculous. My wants are simple. I want things to go back to the way they used to be with the exception of everyone doing their job correctly. I should not have to spend an hour sorting and organising paperwork that previously would have been handled by the day shift. Having me do it does nothing more than consume my time and piss me off. Truthfully, I might actually be OK with it if I could see that it served a purpose or solved a problem. I still have the same problem I had before this became the new procedure. I'm still missing receipts. I'm still missing folios. I'm still having to pluck reg cards from the bucket. Now I start off with a drawer that contains all the days paperwork, including things like the emergency down time reports that previously were shredded. This drawer looks like a waste paper bin by the time I get to it. I have more to sort and organise and I have been told I need to find a new place to do such. The back counter seems to be for, well as far as I can tell, what ever the day shift wants to do with it. All this in addition to having to put up with a day crew that habitually comes to work late, including the boss. I like the overtime, I don't like how I get it. Then there is the computers who have taken more than their fair share of abuse from the internet habits of the desk clerks. I hacked the hosts file to keep them off the social networking at the request of my boss, this has since been undone. Not to mention the number of times I have walked in to them doing what pretty much amounts to goofing off. Yeah, I do that too. But all my work is done, done correctly even, and my responsibilities are not getting shafted on to anyone else.

Am I wrong in wanting to leave? Am I wrong in wanting things fixed? Do I have every right and reason to be pissed? If I can't get things straightened out, I have somewhere to go now. I know people I work with read my blog. Maybe this is getting talked about. Maybe this is getting passed around. Maybe my boss is being forewarned. Maybe certain rather worthless members of the day shift are getting a bit unnerved. They are not all worthless, just some of them. The real point to this is that I am mad as hell and in one manner or another I will not be taking it any more.

Bad News

My dad has been in a rehab centre since mid November. He went in because he could not get out of bed. He didn't have the strength. He went in to get physical therapy to get stronger. Then he pretty much refused the therapy. Recently I have heard through my mother that his kidneys are failing. He needs to go on dialysis. When I first heard of this I thought it was worse. Don't get me wrong, it's bad, but not quite what my mom and I initially thought it was. Right now he is in a hospital. His condition has improved, he went in delirious. Toxics building up in your body will do that. Not sure what happens from here. My mom has been on dialysis for the past 19 years, but my dad is 74, has a whole load of other problems, and said previously that he wouldn't go on dialysis. Obviously he changed his mind, but he could go back on it. Aside from that, no idea how long he is going to last.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christopher Hitchens

Like many others, at least those I subscribe to on youtube and look up to, those that put things that are on my mind so much more eloquently than I can, I'm at a loss for what to say. Humanity has lost a great man and a great mind. I don't think the loss really can be described in anything I can say. I will just leave it at this -

Good show, Sir, and thank you.

I do have to get one thing off my chest, the level and amount of dancing on his grave, in the figurative sense of course, I'm seeing from the religious fundamentalists is shameful at best. I'm not shocked or surprised by it. I'm not saying they should not say it or that it should be silenced. I feel it serves as a reminder of what those persons making such statements are really like.