Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Water is turned back on


Now I can take a shower between packing and going to work.

Just noticed, I have a lot of clothes and shoes.

And I want more!!!!

Utility company was a day early

and shut off my water.

Tomorrow is moving day

I am so fucking happy.

And I need to finish packing.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

It was so beautiful, I wish I had my camera

When I left work this morning, there were several rainbows in the sky. Coincidentally, today was also the St. Petersburg Gay Pride Parade. If I were not such an atheist, I might be inclined to think that the multitude of rainbows of such a day may have been God showing that he approves, contrary to what some of his followers believe. I mean aside from a high level of water content in the air and lots of clouds for the light to bounce off of, why else would there have been so many rainbows?

Well then, holy gay orgy Batman!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Best quote from a hotel guest ever

I've only been here an hour and so far had a busy and rather harsh night . There was a guest using the guest computer that witnessed me dealing with what seemed to be a constantly lit up switch board and a string of guests that were taking their frustrations out on me. At a point where it had quieted down for a bit, she turned around and said to me.

"I don't want your job!"

I don't want it either.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I saw Jesus today!

In a dog's butt! it's a sign I tell you!

I think he's making an effort to save me.

Big thanks to my friend Juan for sending this to me.

I really need to relax on the Christian abuse and move on to other religions.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ghastly's Ghastly comics are awesome

Yeah I know it's kinda old, but it's new to me so fuck off.

Seriously this comic has everything - tentacle rape, a transgendered Otaku girl, cosplay girls, bondage, domination, tentacle rape, a Chick comic wielding bible thumper, a sex starved Chibi girl, geek-boys, homosexuals, tentacle rape, sodomy, a guy with an invisible cock, bukakke, tentacle rape, furries, yiffing and Jesus! Did I mention the tentacle rape?

I found it incredibly funny. Seriously wrong, but that just adds to the funny. It's not safe for work. It's not for kids. It's definitly not for anyone bothered in the slightest by the things I mentioned in the previous paragraph. For the rest of you, well, here's a link. Don't say I didn't warn you. It get's sick and warped after the first one and just goes from there.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Christians are a great source of unintentional humor, even fake ones.

Take a look here

So EA hired a bunch of people to pose as conservative Christians and protest the new Dante's Inferno game. I think they weren't very accurate. They needed to be more obnoxious and maybe even get themselves arrested so they can look like they are being persecuted. That's what a real Christian would have done. Anyways, so they have their fake protest and their fake protest website all to make more publicity for the game. Cool I think. Then the Christian they were making fun of start bitching. That's just priceless.

I'm really looking forward to the release, I liked reading the Inferno. Didn't care much for the Purgatorio or the Paradisio. I think the idea of a game being based off of it is pretty cool and so far I like what I have seen in the previews.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm a lot of things, I've been called a lot of things

But I don't take well to being called a child predator or having my motives, which I think are at least respectable, questioned.

Case in point.

I know first hand how bad public schools in Florida are, I collect a paycheck from them every now and again. And I responded to the post about such. What really irked me was the response I got from it. I really feel it was completely out of line. I'm posting my response to it here as well. This is someone who clearly doesn't know who or what he is talking about.

YOU, especially YOU - shouldn't be around children, especially in a teaching position, one of authority. Have you read none of the predator articles I've put on here? You are at high risk of hurting one of the kids you say you wish to "help and teach." It's not your responsibility to help and teach someone else's kid, so don't make that your excuse.

So are you saying I'm a predator? Me? Someone that regardless of gender won't date someone without job and at least some college, preferably a degree. Oh you probly didn't know that. Or that I actually dumped a young lady because she not only did not have a job, but had no desire to get one. You most likely also are not aware that I'm not about casual sex and will only have sex with someone I am in a relationship with. And I'm sure you don't know that I think of my students like they are my own children. If I want anything for them it is success. Nothing less than that. I doubt you will believe me.

As for the public schools, they're never going to be "better." Better was in the past; the future involves nothing but a grand implosion. Don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise. Shoot, by simply participating in the failing educational free-for-all, you're actually impacting the kids negatively which only makes the "world" worse, not better.

You sure about that? I did manage to get one troubled girl to stop doing drugs and cutting class and to take school a little more seriously. There was a young man who I got interested in math after I showed him how useful it was to the career he was planning on going into. Sadly, there was one that was a cutter that I really wanted to get help for, but they dropped out shortly after talking to me about it.

Consider this: You stay in a miserably failed system (in every possible way, real or imagined) because you're attracted to the children which is sick. When you consider that the students are extremely repulsive in their behaviors and attitudes which is evident in how they talk, walk, dress, work, etc., it reveals further how deeply perverse your attraction for the kids really is. Normal people don't like repulsive people. I certainly can't stand to be near a public school, let alone a public school product. Public school students are like diseases to me, similar to the swine flu. I can't be around them, and neither can my family.

Consider this - you are just assuming that I'm attracted to kids because of what? The fact that I'm bisexual? That's really all you got. And did you even know that or did you just assume I was gay? An assumption based on what? The behaviours of others? How much do you know about me? How much do you think you know?

Why else would anyone in their right mind continue working in a hell-hole public school like you, especially when you know how bad it is? It's definitely not "to make the world better" because it only makes it worse. Really, it's for your own perverse personal benefit. You need to do some genuine self-reflecting in order to realize this.

I did some self reflecting a long time ago, this is where it brought me. My favourite moments in the classroom are those where I can clearly see that one has learned something. That moment when it all becomes clear to them. Those times when students have thanked me. Those times when I felt appreciated. I wouldn't trade that for any amount of money and they certainly do make the rest of the nonsense I see during the course of my day worth it.

I practically live by these simple words from VNV Nation -

"This is your world.
These are your people.
You can live for yourself today,
or help build tomorrow for everyone."

I am waiting to see what he has to say next. Purely for entertainment purposes at this point. That's about all the case-pleading I'm going to do. I'm sure this bible thumper won't believe a word I have told him, but I'm sure he's absolutely convinced a rib-woman was conned by a talking snake into eating fruit from a magic tree. Not someone that can be reasoned with. It's a pity because I actually do appreciate that he is taking the time to point out that public schools have some serious problems.

I think I may, however, have to point out to him something I once told his wife, Dani. Just because one subscribes to one behaviour that is labled as perversion, does not mean that they subscribe to every form of perversion imaginable. For instance, if a guy has a foot fetish, it does mean he's also into beastiality or a paedophile. That's just silly, right? So is assuming that someone that is transgendered is a paedophile. It's just silly.

Does anyone that actually knows me think I don't belong in the classroom?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Looks like every thing is on track for my big move.

If you look at the previously posted check list, all but 2 things are done. Just need to pack my stuffs and do a change of address with the post office. Life is grand, life is awesome. I'm really happy and can't wait until the end of the month.

And I have some plans once I get settled in to the new place. I have a few projects I'm going to start on. I want to make some costumes and accessories for DragonCon. My costumes this year are going to be faerie themed. No really, stop laughing, that's what I'm planning. I won't say exactly what costumes I'm making beyond that, but they will be cool and rather unique. What I will be doing is posting some tutorials and construction pics. I've got some really wild stuffs planned.

I have another plan too - I'm going to make a way cool musical instrument. Inspired by Zoog's Cy-tar, I am going to make a Cy-olin. Similar idea to the Cy-tar where it will be comprised of recycled bits and totally handmade, but it will be a small, bowed string. And because I'm Persephone 66, I'm thinking 6 strings. I'm also thinking about basing it off E.F. Keebler's designs. BTW, you have no idea what I would do for someone that will buy me one of those. I'm digressing. Any way, the serious part of this is that I am making an instrument and plan on doing things with it. Cool things. And evil things that corrupt youth. If you have not seen Zoog's Cy-tar, check it out here, here, here, and here.

And somewhere in all this making of doom I plan on using and abusing the apartment complex's fitness center. I need to stop being so fat.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This put a smile on my genderly confused face

Found it while browsing posts on Coilhouse. BTW, if you don't read Coilhouse, you should.

As ironic as it might be for me to say this, I actually appreciate seeing a transgender featured in a TV spot that is not a drag queen or being used to play a joke on someone.

Link back to Coilhouse post.

Obey the moderator

Oddly enough, I'm banned from a message board at the moment, and for the next few days.

There is, however, another board I moderate.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I haven't posted any hotel advice lately

And I'm pissed so let's get this party started.

Don't have your children call the desk.


Never fucking have your brat call me at the desk. It's not cute. It's not funny. And there's a lot of cases where if you have a request it really should come from the adult paying for the room. It's not that I don't like kids. I love kids, can't wait to have a few of my own. It's that I don't want to send anything up to a room or take it their myself with out the adult knowing about it.

But what really pisses me off is when I have a kids asking for the internet password. The hotel I work at has free wi-fi for guests, but it does require a username and password that you get from the frone desk. One thing this tells me is that I may have a kid using the internet unsupervised. Not something I'm all that comfortable with. The other thing it could be is something that annoyed me back in my tech support days - A parent that is so fucking computer illiterate that can't ever turn the damned thing on with out their child helping them. This totally fucking annoys me. Note to parents: You parental control software and filters are totally fucking useless when your kid knows more about your computer than you! I would be totally fucking embarrassed if my kid had to help me with my computer. I actually, at the request of the parent, walked a 9 year old through setting up parental controls on AOL back when I worked for them. He knew daddy's password! What fucking good did those parental controls do!!!!

Really folks. You know why your daughter is showing off her twat to older men and why your son is spanking his monkey to scat porn? It's because you don't supervise them and/or because they know more about the computer than you. Don't blame it on myspace, or facebook or whatever. If you don't know how to use one and you are too fucking ignorant to read a fucking book, don't buy the damn thing. Or just fucking remove yourself from society, PLEASE!!!!!!! Seriously your kids would be better off with out you. You are obviously not really with them anyway.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Moving checklist and a bit of a dilemma

So here's a list of things I need to take care of before I moved out, if anyone thinks I missed anything, let me know.

  • Sell the car. Anyone want a 2001 Ford Escort that needs a fuel line? I ran great before the line was broken. I need the money to move and the car is more of a monkey on my back right now than anything. *done*
  • Open new checking account strictly for paying rent and household bills. Previous landlord liked cash, new one likes to have an audit trail. *done*
  • Have direct deposit changed at work to 50% in new checking account, 50% in old account. This should ensure my bills always get paid on time. Yes Mr. Mathematician and Auditor can be very financially irresponsible, especially when Miss Performance Artist needs a new outfit. *done*
  • Pack my stuffs! Well duh!
  • Get a change of address form from Post office. Don't want to miss any junk mail.
  • Change over utilities to new place. And cancel the water/trash as I won't need it over there.*done*
That's all I can think of, now my dilemma. My mother has offered to loan me the money needed to get my driver's license back. I'm not sure if I really want that. I can pay her back when I get my deposit back from my current landlord. But I'm really uncomfortable with it. My mother is not rich. She can spare the money for now, but I would really rather see her spend it on something for her. I can pay her back when my current landlord gives me back my deposit. But it just doesn't feel right to me. On the other hand, having my license before I move means I will not need any help moving. I can rent a truck and do it myself. Kinda the way I like to do things. So I'm just not sure. Borrow money from my mom or still try to get help from someone that either has a truck or can rent one and drive it?

I think I reading what I just typed I answered my own question. I'm not going to be happy with myself for taking her up on her offer, but it will make the move so much easier. I would have never asked her to lend me the money, but I really hated the fact that I had to ask others for help.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A bad joke walks into a bar.....

These are from a recent T-Shirt Hell newsletter. Some of them are pretty good, the Christian walking into a bar joke is priceless.

A retard walks into a bar. I guess you had to be there.

President Obama walks into a bar. Everyone applauds. He sits on a stool. Everyone applauds. He orders a beer. Everyone applauds. He says "Shut the fuck up, you sheep! None of this matters!" Everyone applauds. Then he rips off his face and reveals that the president has been nothing but a cyborg who changes his mask every few years ever since Kennedy died. The bar patrons realize freedom of choice has been nothing but an illusion their entire lives. They're fine with that and decide to vote for an Asian mask in 2012.

A hipster walks into a bar. He orders a beer ironically. He tells the bartender his troubles ironically. He picks up a cute girl ironically and goes home and fucks her ironically. The next day he wonders if he ever does anything he genuinely enjoys. Then he blows out his brains. Ironically.

Miley Cyrus walks into a bar and the bartender says "Why the long face? Oh, I'm sorry - Did I say long face? I meant 'face that looks like a retarded girl suffering from a peanut allergy'."

A conservative and a liberal walk into a bar. The bartender says "You can have a beer in a blue glass or a red glass. They're exactly the same, but you fucking idiots will swear one is better than the other. What, the world doesn't put you into a box often enough; you have to willingly put yourself in a box too? Damn it! Why do I keep serving symbolism!"

A fat guy walks into a bar. Again, I guess you had to be there.

A Mexican walks into a bar. He gets himself and his cousins hired on as bartenders, putting the other bartenders out of work. Then his wife has like nine kids in the bar. Goddamn it... This used to be a really nice bar.

A black guy walks into a bar. Every other person in the bar stops saying that thing they were about to say.

A gay guy walks into a regular bar. For the first time in ten years he enjoys a beer because he isn't surrounded by obnoxious queens or religious fanatics handing out pamphlets. He thinks 'If I didn't have to fuck vaginas, I could totally be straight.'

A homeless guy walks into a bar. He starts telling everyone secrets about the government right before people start making him dance for quarters. Everyone in the room has lost a little bit of their humanity this night. Then the homeless guy starts eating the shrimp people are throwing in his beard. Homeless people are funny.

Six million really old Jews walk into a bar and one of them says "We went hiking and got lost for a really long time. I hope no one jumped to any crazy conclusions about us."

A Christian walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender sets down nothing. The Christian says "Where's my beer?" The bartender answers "Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there." The Christian replies "You've made your point; give me my beer." The bartender shoots back "You have your beer. I don't care how much proof you show me to the contrary, I will always think there's a beer there." The Christian responds "I fucking get it! Just give me my beer so I can go home and beat my wife!"

A little boy walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a Catholic Priest. "Catholic Priest?" says the bartender. "What kind of drink is that?" "Simple," says the boy. "That's the drink I have to force down my throat and never tell my parents about." [rimshot here]

A Catholic priest walks into a bar and orders a Choir Boy. The bartender says "A Choir Boy? What kind of drink is that?" "Simple," says the priest, "that's the drink I force fingers into until it bleeds and cries. Get it? Because of the molestation thing? I can't believe we're still in business."

A Muslim walks into a bar and the whole place blows up before something funny can happen.

A guy in a wheelchair doesn't walk into a bar.

Yeah that was some good stuff. T-Shirt Hell rocks. You should buy be shirts from them. You would if you loved me.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Mark your calenders now. KMFDM is going on their US tour starting in September. AngelSpit will be touring with them. I'm so happy I could hump something.

Here's more information and tour dates -

Confirmed US dates have been announced and are listed below. KMFDM are hoping to add extra shows, please keep checking back on their tour website. Please do NOT trust concert info and especially do NOT buy tickets until you see the show announced on KMFDM's website:http://www.kmfdm.net/tour/ If it is NOT there, it is NOT confirmed and is NOT official.
September 23 - Washington D.C. - 9:30 Club - (On Sale Now)
September 24 - Philadelphia, PA - Theatre Of The Living Arts - (On Sale June 12th)
September 25 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza - (On Sale Now)
September 26 - Boston, MA - House Of Blues - (On Sale Now)
September 29 - Toronto, CAN - The Opera House - (On Sale June 12th)
September 30 - Cleveland, OH - House Of Blues - (On Sale June 19th)
October 01 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogarts - (On Sale June 19th)
October 02 - Detroit, MI - Harpo's - (On Sale June 12th)
October 03 - Chicago, IL - House Of Blues - (On Sale Now)
October 04 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave - (On Sale June 12th)
October 05 - Minneapolis, MN - First Ave - (On Sale June 12th)
October 07 - Kansas City, MO - The Beaumont - (On Sale Now)
October 08 - Omaha, NE - The Slowdown - (On Sale June 13th)
October 09 - Denver, CO - The Gothic - (On Sale June 20th)
October 12 - Seattle, WA - The Moore - (On Sale Now)
October 14 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom - (On Sale Now)
October 15 - San Francisco, CA - The Grand - (On Sale Now)
October 16 - Los Angeles, CA - The Nokia - (On Sale June 19th)
October 17 - Pomona, CA - The Glasshouse - (On Sale June 12th)
October 18 - San Diego, CA - House Of Blues - (On Sale Now)
October 19 - Phoenix, AZ - The Marquee - (On Sale June 19th)
October 21 - Dallas, TX - The Granada - (On Sale June 19th)
October 22 - Austin, TX - Emo's - (On Sale June 12th)
October 24 - New Orleans, LA - House Of Blues - (On Sale June 20th)
October 25 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade - (On Sale Now)
October 26 - Chapel Hill, NC - The Cats Cradle - (On Sale June 12th)
October 28 - Charlotte, NC - House Of Blues - (On Sale Now)
October 29 - Orlando, FL - The Firestone - (On Sale June 12th)
October 30 - West Palm Beach, FL - Respectable Street Club - (On Sale June 12th)
October 31 - St. Petersburg, FL - Jannus Landing - (On Sale June 12th)

Who can guess where I'm going to be Halloween night?

Advice -
If they are coming to a town near you, go see them.
If they are not coming to a town near you, take a road trip.
If you live near me and are planning on going to see them, hang out with me at the show. Unless you are creepy and /or smell bad, then stay away from me. :P

Must be a big cloud of stupid over this place

And it's pouring down.

I'm of course referring to my work.

Here's a quick bit of advice - If you are going to try to con a hotel into giving you a free room, keep your story straight. The failure I was talking to earlier couldn't even keep what was allegedly his name in order.

And how many times do I have to say we are sold out?