Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Bitches!

I don't know who belongs to that ass, I stole it from a friend on Google+ who stole it from somewhere else. But I must admit, I'm having ass envy.

So I'm working at the hotel this Halloween, but it's by choice this time. Not much local I wanted to do tonight and going to Halloween events on night that are not Halloween is just weird. In addition a lot of stuff was going on like 2 weeks ago, WTF?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wanna help me out? Know anything about DVD recorders?

Got a Toshiba D-VR660 that does not eject or play a dvd. I seem to be locked out of quite a few other functions as well, seems all I can do is change channels. Worse yet, it's my mother's VCR/DVD recorder, she's lost the manual, and all she wants to do is button mash. She's taken the remote away from me twice to do more button mashing. It there some means of just completely resetting this machine back to the day it was new?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Story bit

Something that popped in to my head tonight. Might spin something off of it, might not. Thought I'd throw it out there.

When we first saw them we gawked in amazement. For so long we had speculated and theorized about life on other planets and here it was, right before us. Did they know we were watching them? Were they watching us? In some ways they were like us, in many ways so different.

We knew when we went public with our findings we would be met with accusations of a hoax and conspiracy theories. This didn't stop us and the stories that cropped up were more bizarre than anything we had imagined. The outrage and violence that ensued from those distraught over the universe not being what they believed it to be was not expected. It was enough to make us think that we should have kept it to ourselves.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Diabetic or not, you are still a moron.

Normally late night calls that involve requests for food are so common that are not worth talking about, but this one is kinda special.

So I get a call from this room at about 2:30 am and it's a girl asking for room service. I tell her that it closed at 10 pm. She lets out a big dramatic “uh” like a spoiled brat then asks about restaurants that deliver. Twice I have to tell her no and that those all close at 1 am. After another bigger and more dramatic “uh,” she whines “What's up with this town? Everything closes early!” I tell her it is a small beach town that is mostly populated with retirees that go to bed early. I guess that was not good enough for her. She goes in to a huge hissyfit about how she is diabetic and she needs food because she just took her insulin and might die. Normally, I'm a bit more sympathetic, but really, what was she expecting, a 7 course meal to be pulled out of the air? Besides, I think I'm being bullshitted. I keep my rather high level of annoyance in and tell her of what is open, none of which delivers and the closest of which is about a mile and a half away. She dramatically whines that she will call a cab and that she hopes it arrives before she dies. I told her I was sorry about that, wished her good luck, and hung up the phone.

I don't know what transpired from there and honestly I don't give a flying fuck. I look at it this way – If she really is diabetic, then she's an idiot for not keeping a supply of food with her. I know quite a few diabetics. I also have been working in hotels for a long time. I can't tell you how many times someone that is diabetic has requested a room with a fridge. Even if she didn't, trying to guilt trip me with her diabetes is asinine and in this case fucking stupid. Seriously. A cab is pretty likely not to take longer than the delivery she was looking for. And it's not my fault everything in this town closes early. Holy shit, it's your health, your body, take some fucking responsibility for it.

And if she was not diabetic, well that's pretty fucked up too. What was she thinking? Was I supposed to make a food run just for her? Was I supposed to open up the restaurant just for her? Was I supposed to make the local Domino's open up just for her? Was she thinking that telling me she was diabetic was going to change anything? I've actually dealt with people that were diabetic that arrived late, as opposed to her having been there 2 days, and were in the same situation. They were not whining that they were going to die nor were they having any sort of a fit over having to drive or take a cab to a store or a restaurant.

But I do understand, it's all totally my fault.