Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sorry, we don't rent by the hour

Actual phone call -

Him: What are your rates tonight?
Me: Tonight we are starting at 109.
Him: But it's 2 am!

I wonder just who this guy thinks he is

I've had 4 calls in the last hour from a guest in one room complaining about noise in the next room. The people he is complaining about are not being loud at all. Yes, there is a party in the room, but they are being very respectful of those around them. It's all adults, no teens or children. Both myself and my coworker have been in and around the room. You can't tell there's a party from the outside. I've had no complaints from the room on the opposite side or the directly adjoining room all of which are occupied.

I think I'm being bullshitted here. Also, the guy calling and complaining has referred to the people next to him as scum and pigs and has flat out said they are not good enough to be here and should be staying at the Days Inn. He has also said that it is not fair to him that they are next to him. He's using the fact that he's a frequent stay member (has a card) member and that he "spends a lot of money here" as part of his argument.

This is where I feel the need to laugh at him. He's a base level card person. More amusingly, the room he's complaining about is paying twice as much for tonight. The guest in the room he's complaining about also has a card and stays here quite often as well, and pays more per night. None of this really means anything when dealing with a complaint, but it's still amusing. I'm tempted to tell this asshat that keeps calling me about this. Especially after him telling me they are not good enough to stay here.

As far as I can see, the only thing the party being complained about is doing wrong is being of Latino descent. The guy complaining is an elitist snob and a racist to boot. I don't know who he is to dictate who can and can't stay here, but he did say that is we don't do somethiong about it, he's going to call the police. I hope he does.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

So my birthday is in a little over a month...

...So buy me something.

I have a wish list on And another on And another on Buy me stuffs. Or give me money/gift cards and I'll buy my own stuffs. Taking me out to some sort of a good time is also perfectly acceptable.

Remember – December 22.

Never mind how old I'm going to be. Just buy me stuff.

Business has been slow at the hotel lately.

So I really don't have any stories to tell. This weekend might pick up. Weekends are usually the busiest days. More potential for human stupidity.

Even though it's not Thanksgiving yet, they have already started decorating the hotel. It's a little early for that, that's not what annoys me about this time of year at the hotel. What annoys me is the motion activated singing and dancing Santa Claus. I know that doesn't sound like a subject of annoyance, but something that starts singing and dancing every time someone walks in or walks out can get on your nerves. More so when drunk people, usually women, start singing and dancing with him. It's funny the first time, but after that it really starts to lose it's amusement.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just a bit annoyed

Between the general stupidity of people at my work and my mother's self imposed martyrdom I'm going to wind up with a permanent dent in my head in the shape of my hand.

But how badly could they have needed that roll of toilet paper?

So at about 12:45am I get this call from a really upset hotel guest screaming at me because the toilet paper she called the desk for 6 hours ago was still not delivered. As it was, I was by myself at the desk, had a guest I was checking in and 2 more behind them also needing my attention. I told them I was in no position to bring it to them and they would need to come to the desk to pick it up. I also apologized for the pathetic incompetence of my staff. Sadly, she actually needed me to explain to her where I am. They were not too happy about having to come get it. Not really much I could do for them at that point.

So after taking care of those that were already at the desk and the other one that needed the TP, my next step was to see which one on my worthless co-workers fucked up. Turns out that on the logsheet, it was written down that the guest had called, but no one filled in the space regarding who they talked to or signed off on it when it was completed. So I don't know if it was the dumbasses that are at the desk or the illegal Mexican that doesn't speak English in housekeeping. I'm not sure who dropped the ball. As far as I can tell there's quite a bit that went really wrong here, starting with the guest.

First, what kind of a moron calls a hotel desk for something, then waits 6 hours to call back looking for it when it is not there?

Second, what kind of a nitwit at a hotel desk writes it in the log, but doesn't write down who they spoke to or note that the job was completed? There were calls before and after that one. Did they not have enough sense to follow up? I know I have some total fucking dipshits here, but come on. If anything writing it down should serve as a reminder. Especially when you are writing more down. How do you miss that? As far as I can tell, it was never called in.

Finally, this gets back to the guest, but it's not really their fault. I doubt most people are aware that between the hours of 11pm and 7am most small hotels have one person on staff. That being said, that one person may not be available to jump at their beckoned call, no matter how badly the previous shift fucked things up. Honestly, I hate having to tell people I'm limited with what I can do for them. The other shifts have a full staff, all I have is me. I'm not always as available as I would like to be. It would have been smarter to call back before 11pm. Really, they should have waited no more than a half an hour.

So, I'm surrounded by idiots.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So do people really think that Stephen Colbert is serious?

Well some do.

Let me first say that this has little to do with my banning from and a lot to do with people that don't know satire and just blatant sarcasm when they see it. I have never seen a Colbert monologue that was not totally dripping with sarcasm. It was pretty instant for me to see it was a parody the first time I watched him. I can't see anyone missing the joke. In fact, I think it's quite obvious with what I said in the thread linked above that I think one would have to be pretty stupid to miss the joke. If anything, he's got a show on Comedy Central. Do you take South Park seriously?

Then I saw this -

So maybe I just lean too far to the left. Hmmm. Bisexual, transgendered, atheist, vegetarian, aspiring entertainer and public school teacher does sound like the poster child for the left. Yet I always have voted libertarian, and I'm pro-gun, pro-life, pro-death penalty and I think education should be more privatized. But that's just me. I'm kind of a weirdo.

Getting back to Colbert, perhaps he should come with a warning or disclaimer. Like the coffee cups at McDonald's that say "HOT" all over them.

So you tell me, what's your take on Colbert? I think he's funny but would never seriously use him or his show in a religious, social or political argument.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is it Girl Scout cookie season yet?

My girlfriend and I were just talking about this earlier as I was making dinner. I love their Thin Mints. But I'm a little annoyed that they only sell them about once a year. If those girls sold them year round they would make a killing. Seriously.

Damn it. I want some cookies now.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hey buddy, call your own cab

So this guy comes to the desk and asks me to call a cab for him. So I call and let him know they said it would be between 5 and 20 minutes.

He comes back 10 minutes later impatiently whining at me about how he needs a cab now. So I call again to check on the status of the cab and because people that work at hotels have a magical power over the cab companies that the average person does not posess. The cab company said the cab was on it's way and it would be a few more minutes. I relay the message to him and he went out front to wait.

The cab arrives about 5 minutes later and the guy that was being so impatient was nowhere to be found. So the driver left, rather pissed I might add.

Half an hour later the same guy comes back into the lobby whining that he needs a cab now. I told hime the cab he called for was here and gone and I couldn't find him when it was here. "I guess I should have stayed and waited." Gee, you really think to moron? I call another cab for him. This time he waited in the lobby.

And the moral of this mutha-fucka is call your own damn cab, preferably on your cell phone. That way when they can't find you, they call you and not me.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some people are just fucking despicable

I'm not sure how else to describe it. I feel like I should have done something. But my options were limitted and I doubt my saying something would have done anything. If I had a cell phone, I would not have hesitated to call the police. I didn't really have time to run to a pay phone.

Here's what happened. While I was waiting for the bus, a woman and her son came to the stop and sat down. Judging by their bags it looked like they were shopping at the local K-mart and Wal-Mart. Really no big deal until the boy runs off and comes back with a board game in it's box. I wasn't paying that close attention. Kathy was at the stop with me and we were talking about stuff, mostly Warhammer 40K stuff. We started paying closer attention and saw that they went from the bus stop to the drop containers for the local Goodwill and Salvation Army that were nearby and proceeded to loot them. I was a bit shocked. I could see a kid that didn't know any better doing this, but an adult? A parent? Really What they fuck!?!?!?!?!?

And after they were don't looting one, they just when on to the next, their bags from the stores getting more full. They even grabbed a TV. They loaded it and the rest of the loot in a shopping cart and took off. At that point they were across the street and I could see the bus coming.

Just annoyed me so much. How low do you have to be to steal from a charity? What is her kid learning from this? Even if they were poor themselves, that's no excuse. Those drop boxes are not there for people to loot. I really wish I could have called the cops.

Tonight's facepalm

Yet another wonderful phone conversation

Him: I was there two nights ago and I left my bag, was it turned in?
Me: It's not here at the desk, you need to call back in the morning and check with housekeeping.
Him: But it's important that I get it tonight, can you check lost and found?
Me: No, I don't have the keys to it and housekeeping is gone for the night.
Him: Well isn't there a manager.
Me: That would be me.
Him: And you can't look?
Me: That's right.
Him: But I really need it!
Me: Sorry, I can't help you.
Me: *facepalm* Two nights ago is not just checked out, you will have to call housekeeping in the morning.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wasn't me!

I have a far better sense of style.

Linky linky!

Pinellas deputies seeking cross-dressing bank robber
Published: November 6, 2009
Updated: 06:12 pm

Pinellas County deputies are searching for a man who robbed a bank while dressed as a woman. The robbery occurred about 4 p.m. today at Bank of America, 2551 Tarpon Woods Blvd. The suspect implied he had a gun. No one was hurt. The suspect is described as a black male, about 5-foot-10 and 175 pounds. He was wearing a wig, a purple sweater and black stretch pants, deputies say.
He appears to have run from the scene to a nearby neighborhood, where he forced a man to give him a ride to Philippe Park, a Pinellas County Sheriff's Office news release states.

Nope, not me, I'm short and pale.

Just when I was starting to like Facebook, I hate it

So I started using Facebook because I had a few friends on it. I was also getting sick of the talking ads on MySpace and the bloated profiles. Facebook seemed to work better for communication. Sure I couldn't do cool things with my profile, but that also meant no one could bloat theirs out to the point where it crashes my laptop. So it was cool.

Now I'm getting annoyed with it. It's not the silly apps that annoy everyone. I have grown to ignore those and a lot of them I block. It's the new news feed/live feed feature. The news feed really doesn't give me enough and is a little out of order and the live feed tells me too much. I really don't care who my friends are now friends with. Or what they liked or commented on today. I just don't need a chronicle of everything everyone I know did in facebook. I really don't care.

Another annoyance - the suggestions. It went from suggesting people in my address book and friends of friends to telling me I should write on someone's wall. Or poke them. Or some other silliness. "OMG!!!! So and So doesn't have a profile picture, suggest them one." Go fuck yourself. "So and So needs more friends." Go fuck yourself! I really don't give a shit. "So and So is a fan of this, become a fan." You know what? Their taste sucks! Now why aren't you fucking yourself?

Yeah, so now I'm bitter on facebook, I think the rest of my annoyance can be summed up by Foamy.

So I just want a social networking site that can integrate with my blog, twitter and email, allows me to connect with my friends and has fast loading individualized profiles. I don't think that's too much to ask.

4pm, not 4am

Here's a wonderful gem of a guest -

Him: How early can I check in?
Me: Check in time is at 4 pm
Him: Can I check in any earlier?
Me: If we have the availability whe might be able to get you in.
Him: But I have a reservation.
Me: Right, but your reservation is for 4pm.
Him: *Hangs up*
Me: *facepalm*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another thing that makes me wish I had a car.

Fucked up people like the one I encountered tonight on my way to work. I've seen this one guy before. Every time I've seen him, he seems drunk and just really annoying. He never has his money or bus pass ready. He is always bothering somebody, usually the nearest woman. Also, he just looks really dirty, unkept and has kind of a creepy look about him. Tonight he took it a step further. He didn't seem to care too much that his shorts were way too loose on him. I'm not making this up – there was a few times that his manly bits were exposed. I didn't care to see that. Or his ass for that matter. Maybe it's just me, but I think I'd be a little too embarrassed to talk to anyone after accidentally flashing them, save for an apology. Not the case with this guy. Just went right into trying to flirt with the lady near him. After she got off he went on to talking to anyone with in an earshot about some nonsense regarding conspiracy, cameras, Scientology and cell phones.

I wanted to say something to this rather disgusting lunatic. However, I know it would have gotten me nowhere. So instead I ignored him the best I could and now I'm trashing him in my blog. It may have been a bit more amusing if I had a camera to get a picture or two of him with. I doubt anyone would want to see it though. I'm glad I was looking about as masculine as I get. Last thing I need is for this creep to be flirting with me.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What's worse than having to work on Halloween?

Being at work and not really being needed.

Seriously, this pace is about as dead as it gets. They could have gotten by with 1 auditor and not both of us.

I'm more pissed now than when I found out I had to work. This totally sucks. I had plans to go to a party tonight and they got fucked.

At least the boss let us wear costumes. I'm sitting here looking devilicious, but I'm bored and pissed because I don't need to be here.

AngelSpit rocked St. Pete

My 2 favourite people from down under are on tour and played in St. Pete on 30/10.

I'm speaking of Zoog and Destroyx.

As if these two were not enough eye candy on stage, their modded on stage modular synths were just awesome. I have a degree in electronics engineering and I was seeing devices that I wanted to play with as well as take apart.

They sounded awesome. Better live than on the CD and I think the home made custom synths added a lot to it. Nothing annoys me more than an industrial band that sounds just like their CD's. With AngelSpit I was not disappointed at all. They were awesome on stage.

And more awesome in person afterwards. Zoog and Destroyx are 2 of the nicest people I have met and seemed quite happy to meet me once again in person. Also Zoog wanted a pic with me and Kathy, then Destroyx wanted one too. Kinda weird, usually its the fans that want pics with the band, not the band wanting a pic with fans. Not that I minded at all. I mean, I forgot my camera anyway. Was way cool to hang out with them. They seemed to be quite happy about the cup cakes, too. Hope they liked them.

It was also quite the wonderful surprise to see George and Sarah, formerly of the Cruxshadows.

I'm pissed with Michael's

It's the local arts and craft store chain for anyone that never heard of them.

There it was, the day before Halloween and I was in need of stuffs to make cupcakes look more festive. I knew they had stuff for that as I was there a few weeks ago for other things. When I wen in I quickly became very angry. The Halloween stuff was put away and the Cristmas stuff was out.


That is really fucked up.