Friday, March 27, 2009

I just might paint this place red

Like I'm going to do with Hell.

I'm talking about Planet Cafe in Downtown Clearwater. I was there with my best friend of nearly 18 years. The food there is good and the drinks are quite well mixed. Prices are reasonable as well.

On Saturday nights they have a drag queen named Porsche performing there. I was informed tonight that they were looking to have amateur contests on Thursday nights.

That is a night I generally have off.

This place is pretty close and easy for me to get to.

I can't pass this up.

Raise Hades! I'm gunna paint Hell red!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So my neighbors might be moving out at the end of the month.

I honestly can't wait. They have been a have been a nuisance more often than not. A lot more often in the last week or so. I try to be a nice and good person to them because, well, they are my neighbor. And it's just normal for me to help people out. It's what I do. They have a new drunk living with them that's almost as annoying as the last and not as entertaining. One of the ladies that lives there will pound on my door at just about any given hour, usually while I'm sleeping, looking for money or cigarettes. I stopped giving her money when she stopped paying me back. And I quit smoking recently so no cigs for her. That's not something I tell her, I really did quit. been a week. Anyway. The other lady that lives there is more respectful of my schedule, but knows it better than I do. The only people that generally know your schedule that well are stalkers and people looking to rob you. I don't have much in the way of valuables and this is a woman about my mom's age, so not a great concern. Still a bit of an alarm. The past few days I have been in the kitchen shortly after I have woken up and with in minutes, she's looking in my window. Yesterday I was talking to her and in conversation she says "You have off tomorrow, bet you're glad about that." WTF???? She generally bothers me about the same things - to borrow my phone and to crab to me about her room mates. Her phone is out of service. I don't mind letting her use the house phone, I have unlimited service.

A week ago it got really annoying. First their power gets shut off. And yeah they needed my phone to contact the people that were helping them pay it. No one over there works. Well the guy allegedly does, but mot days is too drunk to go. They have one manner of public assistance or another paying for everything. And what ever guy the one lady has living with her to sponge off of. Though the current one doesn't seem to be good for that. The next night their power was back on. The guy that's there cut the lock the power company put on the breaker box and turned it back on. They have been arguing with each other about it since. And the lady that knows my schedule has been bothering me more.

In a way I feel like a can't get a moment to myself. There's just times when I want to be left alone. Or things I want to do uninterrupted. Simple stuff like cooking myself something to eat, or eating it, or playing a game. Gets difficult when someone keeps bothering you.

One that does relieve some of the annoyance is that they do tend to give me stuff the bring home from the food bank.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Second time around for hate crime legislation.

I may have an extreme level of disgust for our current leadership, but I doubt he will veto it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

From the classroom today.

I so had to blog this.

"What movie it is?"
"Unfortunately for you not one about the English language."
"Man, I'm takin' English 4 Honors. I got a A+"
"I couldn't tell by the way you speak."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New blog with new pics!

Ok so it's been like a month since a said anything here. Life's been busy. I've had a sort of top secret writing project that was taking up my time. The rest was work and life in general.

I may have also been spending more time playing Eve Online. Newest expansion just rocks.

And there's my other blog that I've been giving attention too. Have you been reading it? You should.

Tonight I got pretty in front of the camera for my girlfriend. In case anyone reading this is unaware, we are in a long distance relationship and have not seen each other in quite some time. She wanted some pictures of me and I was more than happy to oblige. These are not all of them, a few were for her only. Besides I try not to run a porn show here.

So there you have it in case you have never seen me before and was wondering just what the weirdo that writes this blog looks like. I know the first on is over exposed, but I kinda like it. And before any one asks, they are real. I grew them myself!

Laters for now, more to come!