Thursday, April 11, 2013

Still hating my job, Still looking for a new one

Sadly interviews are not turning in to jobs. Admittedly I think they could see that I was disgruntled, which I am. I think what I may need to do is, at least for now, get out of hospitality. Do something else, something different. I can use it as an excuse and look less disgruntled.

"Why are you looking to leave your current job?"

"I want to do something else."

Yeah that's so much better than everything is fucked and everyone sucks. OK, maybe not everyone sucks, but those that do make up plenty for those that don't. Seriously making me reconsider the nice things I said in one of my older blogs.

Particularly my boss. She's gone a mix of Orwell's 1984 and Dilbert's pointy haired boss on me. I get told I can't leave the front desk and I have to stand there the entire duration of my shift. There has been some going back and forth on this, but long story short, I've had cameras pointed at me in the past that were connected to recording equipment and never were they used to scrutinise over me on this level. Seriously since this shit has started I have all the stress of having a boss hover over my shoulder and none of the benefit. Not having management hover over me was the one thing I liked about my job. Furthermore, none of the other hotels where I worked cared if I was working in the back office and in fact most of those hotels required me to do all or at least part of the audit in the back office. Other hotels were real nice, monitor in the back where I could see what all the cameras saw and my own desk with a phone. That's how it ought to be done. It was always understood that I could not always be at the desk and it was never questioned. Now I'm a afraid to leave the desk, for any reason, because my boss might call to see how many times the phone rings or some shit. Fuck that, I need out.

Lately the rest of the front desk staff has been getting on my nerves. Usual shit that I haven't seen for a while. I ask them to take care of things that are better done during the day time. It does not get done. I remind them, it still does not get done. Some come in late. Some have really sloppy paperwork. Some just don't do parts of their job. For a few it's all of the above. Some days I'm left to feel like I need to work a double shift just to make sure things get done. I've got some good co-workers too, but the shit ones are really spoiling things.

Teamwork - If you want something done, do it yourself. Do it wrong, you take all the blame. Do it right, others are all too willing to take the credit.

I guess I could try to talk it over again and get things improved. That at best is temporary. A few months later shit will be fucked up again. It's like a damn rollercoaster. I've grown sick of riding this ride.

It probly will not end like that, more likely it will be like this...