Sunday, January 30, 2011

Holy shit I haven't blogged in a while!

Well lets fix that problem.

Remember all those days I worked? I got really sick at the end of it all. Not cool, though it did give me something to joke around with the boss about. "Hey nearly 2 weeks makes me sick! Let's see if a month kills me!"


So I was able to get my bike fixed. Big thanks to IRB Bicycles for doing good work at a good price. You should check them out if you are in the area. They rock.

So I'm in worse shape than I thought I was in. I say that because, well, I'm getting tired out too soon. Give me some time, I'll be back in the shape I used to be in, then better. Had another problem the first run I took it on. Got a bruise on my butt! New seat cover fixed that. Took it to work the past few nights. So far, so good. Been taking me about an hour and 15 minutes, which isn't too bad. Beats the hell out of taking the bus.

I bought a Chaos Defiler. Still working on painting sub-assemblies. This thing has lots of parts and I still have to do conversions. Should look pretty epic when done. I'll need 2 more for my 2000 point list. Picking up a Daemon Prince that I'm going to attempt to make look like Zoog next. I'm such a fangirl.

I don't get much in the way of hate mail lately or really ever. I think I need piss off more fundies or something. I don't even get much in the way of comments. Not sure how to feel about that really. I know these adds are not working for me. Maybe this will give my coworkers a thing or two to talk about.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just one more day.

Just one.

Just one.

Just one more day. And my 12 day week will be over. If it gets any longer, I'll understand, but I'm going to be pissed. Not saying anything bad about anyone, but it would just be my luck. I think I'm going to ask for Friday night off. I think I need an extra night off after this and I think I'm worth that. Actually I think I'm worth them expending out a couple of hookers and cocaine to snort off their asses. Nah that might be my ego talking.

I am tired. Working all these days is wearing on me. I passed out on the bus and missed my stop this morning.

At least the pay check will be nice.

Think I'm starting to become this homo-machinery I've heard about.

Monday, January 10, 2011


It's time for me once again to bitch about things that are at best annoying me. I might get a little offensive, you have been warned.

Who's gay? Who isn't? Who gives a shit?
So I was in the local K-Mart the other day and at the checkout I noticed the latest issue of the National Enquirer. The big headline was “Who's Gay? Who Isn't?” and plastered all over the cover was pictures of various celebrities looking their gayest. Who cares? Really? Who gives a shit? I know this is the Enquirer, but still, why is this news? Call me silly, but maybe if the media didn't make a big deal about this, it wouldn't be a big deal. Just a thought. I don't know about you, but if I like an actor or a musician or some other famous person, I like them for their work or their art. Their sexual preference is none of my concern.

And Speaking Of K-Mart.
Ever bought food from the grocery store section of one? Don't, it's grossly overpriced. Seriously. I've seen things at the K-Mart near my apartment that are priced at twice what they charge for the exact same thing at the Wal-Mart across the street. Maybe they could charge lower prices if they didn't give you a 2 foot long receipt. Just a thought.

I haven't really bitched about my Job lately.
What am I at this point? 9? 10 days into a 12 day week? Something like that. Still haven't had a day off. Looking forward to the next paycheck. It's been nearly 2 years with out a review or a raise. Maybe I should say something. I think I've gone beyond proving my worth. Then again, maybe I should move on. I have to admit I got a little peeved the other day when I had to deal with 2 housekeepers that between them didn't know enough English to tell me they needed the lobby attendant keys. I don't speak Spanish and I flat out refuse to while I am on American soil, especially to someone who is living and working here. My great-grandparents came here from Italy 100 years ago on a boat. They learned English and they did it with a lot less in the way of resources that what is available today. No excuses.

Did you hear about the PC version of Huck Finn?
As in politically correct? Yeah they replaced a certain word in it to make it less offensive. Oddly enough it's the same word that's pretty acceptable to use in hip-hop music. Yeah, I know, different context, different intent. Still, while it's not a word I like and try to avoid using, it's usage is an accurate reflection of when the book was written. I think the censorship of the book is rather silly. In fact, I find censorship and political correctness offensive. Therefore both should be removed from everyday life.

Is there anything else that's making me cranky?
I think I've run out of stuff to bitch about. Can I be cranky about that? I thought there was something else I wanted to say, but I guess not. I wonder if my co-workers still read this. I should post something here to add to the rumour mill. You know, just for my own entertainment.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Haven't had a day off yet this year

And I won't for a few days.

But it's all good, I'm not really bitching about my job, but if I get tired, crabby, bitchy, whatever, this might have something to do with it. The other auditor is out on vacation. I'm making mad overtime. I'm really not complaining. It's slow. There's not many guests, fewer douchebags.

Been spending quite a bit of time at work recouping my losses in Eve. Replenishing my mineral stockpiles for production and profit mining as well. Depends on what ores are available at then time.

I really need to make the time to work out. Been wanting to, but having a big blister on my foot complicates things. It's almost healed now. Also after tomorrow's paycheck, hopefully, I can buy what I need to get my bike rolling. Less bus riding, more exercise. Should make a thinner me. :)

I might post something later when I'm at work. Not like I have anything better to do.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011 everyone!

I hope you didn't spend your Christmas and New Years working like I did, but if you did, I hope you got holiday pay like I did. Oh yeas, holiday pay.

Yeah so I'm greedy, fuck you. I got bills to pay and I like buying cool stuff.

But I did get to spend time on Christmas Day with my mom and Kathy, so it's all good.

Got off to a bad start this year in Eve. My Hulk got blowed up. Yeah, pretty sad about that. 200 million ISK later I'm back in business. Blown up by NPC's too. That really sucks. I was thinking "I've got a good shield tank, I've got drones, and this mission is in a belt with lots of ore. Let's take the Hulk!" And with 6 hours to get my time bonus, it seemed like a really good idea. Well, not when you find out the hard way that those asteroids are rigged with bombs. They were too close. Went from my shields holding steady at around 50% to 10% hull in about a second. That will teach me to get greedy. In Soviet Russia, asteroids mine you!

I should have filmed that in FRAPS and youtubed it. If someone wants to donate me enough ISK, I'll do it.

Here's a funny New Year's Eve story. Had some trouble down at the hotel that involved a girl that was drunk and incredibly belligerent. Had no choice but to get the cops involved. A while later I get a call from a concerned mother. not the mother of the girl, but a mother who's son was at the hotel for a party. She saw the hotel listed in active calls on the sheriff's office website in their active calls. Kinda sounds like my mother. What I told her was pretty epic -

"No ma'am, unless your son resembles a short, chubby, 20 something year old girl, they are not here for him."

Had that been my mother she probly would have said something like "That does sound like my son, at you sure it was a girl?"

If you can't laugh at yourself, What the fuck can you laugh at?

This next item comes to me from Facebook, and it's just sad. A proud Prop 8 supporting pastor from California was arrested on child molestation charges. Dude, seriously, what the fuck. Let's post a clip.

Finally someone has volunteered to take Pastor Eddie Long's place in the Disgusting Men Of God headlines contest. Meet Pastor Tom Daniels. He's the head pastor at First Baptist Church in Rio Linda, California, outside Sacramento. He's a proud Prop 8 supporter. Oh, and he's being held on $6 million bond for multiple child molestation charges.
Arrested Dec. 9 (which police kept quiet until now while their investigation continued), Daniels stands accused of sexually violating children between June 2004 and June 2007. This isn't the first time he's been on the radar of police: In 2008 a complaint was made against him, but police say they had insufficient evidence to pursue a case. Now another victim has come forward, and prosecutors slapped him with one charge of lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age, and another charge for engaging in multiple sexual assaults of a child.

Read more:
Can I get an honest opinion from a hardcore, Bible believing, Christian on this one? Adam? Lighthouse? Anyone? I was considering posting it on TOL, but I'm afraid I'll get banned again. But seriously, is it just me, but does it seem just so wrong to be speaking out against what the Bible states as a sin when you are committing a greater sin yourself? How can this guy consciously lead people in a church? How does this guy live with himself?

I know you are reading this, drop me a comment.