Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mom is home from the hospital, job search continues

She's not back to herself, but she's trying to make as little work for me as possible. I really wish my father would do the same. He wants to be lazy, have everyone do everything for him but won't go into a nursing home. Like he would rather make life hell for me and my mother. It's like he's trying to make himself weaker too. He can get around using a walker, but insists on using a wheelchair instead. He'd make a bed-ridden invalid of himself if he could get away with it.

In other news, remember that job interview I had?

Well, it didn't happen. I had to call and rescheduled due to my relief coming in 10 minutes late. Which caused me to miss my bus. And the next one was late. Yeah, got fucked over by both my job and public transportation. Not cool. And when I called and rescheduled I only got to talk to a voicemail. They never returned my call. I called again Tuesday, still no returned call. Really not cool. I don't think I would have gotten the job anyway. Too corporate. I doubt my current haircut and colour would have flown. And the last time I changed my look for a job I regretted it. I'd rather not do that again. Though I did meet some cool people so it wasn't all bad. Still when your boss seems to be more concerned about your grooming that how you do your job, something is seriously fucked up.

I'm still on the hunt for something else. Been thinking maybe it's time to do something that is not hospitality. Not sure what though. I've been a Help desk person, network admin, college teacher, substitute school teacher, mechanic, hotel desk guy, night auditor. I've done a lot. I'm not even sure where to go from here. I want to be a high school math teacher, but I need to finish my degree first.

I'm sick of dealing with stupid bull shit like what I had to deal with tonight. Why can't people just shut the fuck up when I tell them other hotel guests are complaining about their noise? And why do they have to tell me how much money they are spending? I don't give a shit. What makes people think that the amount of money they spend invalidates someone else's complaint? What am I supposed to do? Tell them, "I'm really sorry, the people that are keeping you awake spent more money than you so you are just going to have to put up with it." Yeah, I'm sure that will go over really well.

Monday, July 19, 2010

It's been a while since I've said anything, but I've got a lot going on

Let's start with the really big deal, my mother is in the hospital. She's got Mercer. She went in soon enough though. She's on some serious antibiotics. I think everything will turn out OK. I can only hope for it. She went in Friday. I found out after returning from a job interview, but I'll get to that in a moment. Since I have been busy with work and taking care of my father. And not sleeping much. My father is a lot of work, he really needs to do more for himself or go back into the rehab center until he can. They sent him home way too early.

I don't know how my mom does it honestly. Since my father has come home from the rehab, he's like a big baby. A 250lb, 74 year old baby, with a really bad attitude. And it's not because of sickness and old age, but that he has made himself dependant on anyone who will do anything for him. He's not doing anything to get better and attempts to get him to are met with him whining "I can't!" Seen it too many times when the therapists are over. He's a handful for me and I'm young and healthy.

Last time I talked to my mom she was doing well, or about as well as can be.

I mentioned I had a job interview, didn't I?

Yeah I'm really pissed with my job again, so I was doing some vengeance job hunting. And I got a response. And a interview this past Friday. It went quite well and I have another interview in the morning. If all goes well, I will be a call center supervisor. Heck, I'll take just about anything that pays the same or better to get me out of here. Not much has changed since I bitched about it here before and what really irks me the most is that some people can't bring themselves to show up for work on time. Like I really want to get out at 7am, when I'm supposed to, but I looked at the schedule and I know that's not going to happen. And depending on how late they are, I could be really fucked over for time. Not cool, really not cool. I made about 2 hours overtime last week thanks to my co-workers, but you know what? I would have rather they got here on time. It's not fucking rocket science. I get to work on time nearly every day and I use public transportation. Seriously, what the fuck? How can you work at the same place for years and never show up on time? And not get fired over it?