Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Annoyance and excitement

I got a call from Dell today. They wanted to make sure I got the box they sent me for the laptop. I got it Wednesday and sent it back to them the same day. He then tells me they recieved it today and would have it for a few days before they sent it back. I asked if the people working on it can call me with a status update and he tells me that they don't have access to that.

This guy had a thick Indian accent and was difficult to understand. I doubt he was in the same place as my computer. My computer was being shipped to Texas. Now I do understand that he could have been there, but more than likely I was talking to yet another outsourced call center worker. I'm really annoyed about this.

On to more exciting news, I have just a little over a month until DragonCon.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The new vid from The Crüxshadows is really cool

Have a look.


Also they have a new single being released, it's called QuickSilver and it's available for pre-order on Amazon.

And they will be at DragonCon.

I need to update my blog

No, I don't.

Ok, maybe I do.

Not much going on here. Been working out as often as I can. I don't appear to be losing any weight according to the scale, but I look more deflated than usual. I keep pushing myself harder every time I go to the fitness center too. With my computer gone, I'm there more often. Nothing better to do.

I've almost got my finances stabilized. Which is good because DragonCon is a little over a month away. I have the room and the car reserved. Just need to get my costumes done at this point.

Life is pretty damn good.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where have all the craft stores gone?

Or at least the good really well stocked ones?

I've started construction on my wings. Or at least started gathering bits. I'm having some difficulty though. The only craft store around that I know of (and that is still in business) is Michael's. They are pretty good for framing, scrapbooking, silk flowers and kids stuff. But for everything else, they kinda suck. Watch the video in this blog if you are wondering exactly what I am looking for. The only thing I have so far is the wire, which I actually picked up at Home Depot. So if anyone knows where there is a good, well stocked, arts and crafts store near Largo, please let me know. I'd really appreciate it.

BTW, I'm doing quite well with the list I made in that blog.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The consequences of gay marriage

The consequences of gay marriage

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From nullifidian
22 July 2009
Ignore the incessant whining of NOM, the catcalls of bigotted stupidity of the catholic church and the retarded diatribes of homophobes everywhere. This graph tells you all you need to know.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dell is finally going to fix my laptop

I'm still a little pissed with them though. I should not have had to direct them to something posted on their own website to get it done. That's just annoying.

I'm still not going to be buying another Dell laptop. Or an Alienware for that matter as they are owned by Dell. I'm not sure where my next laptop is going to come from actually. Maybe System 76, but their laptops look so bland.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm not planning on buying another Dell computer, you should not either

I used to like my Flamingo Pink Dell Inspiron 1420 Laptop, now I have become quite angry with it and it's manufacturer. I recently got a screen full of multicolored vertical lines at startup. Long story short - the video card has failed. According to Dell, the warranty has been extended for users experiencing this very issue as detailed here. However, I have been given nothing less than a run around with tech support. Every time I have called in the last week I have been told they are unclear on the warranty status and that they would look into it and call me back. They never call me back. It's always me calling them back and not getting a definitive answer even after telling them that the warranty was extended because of this specific issue with this specific video card.

I'm not pleased with this. They are supposed to fix it and I want it fixed. This is my first direct experience with Dell and I have to say it will be my last. I'm not the only one having this difficulty getting support. In the link above, there are quite a few people having this trouble, both with this video card and tech support jerking them around.

That being said, any recommendations on who to go through for my next laptop will be greatly appreciated. I'm just looking for something inexpensive that will last me a few years and will run my games (Particularly Eve Online) and will run Linux with minimal effort on my part. If pink or purple is an available color option, that would be a big plus.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's official, I'm a fairy

Crüxshadows fairy that is. I'll be helping them promote their new single and concert at DragonCon. And doing whatever the hell else it is they have fairies do. I'm quite excited.

I can't wait!!!!!!!

So who am I going to see at DragonCon?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Worried about my mother and my old landlord, the electric company and mother nature have all pissed me off

Was over at my parents' house today working on replacing a fence that is taking me weeks to get done, but that part is another story. While I was there, my mom was under a lot of stress. Most of it from my father. He won't do anything for himself, expects my mother to do everything. It's getting to the point where it's driving her crazy. Literally. She seemed pretty lost and confused. To the point where she didn't even know what day it was. I helped her as much as I could. tried to get her to just relax while I took care of things. Meanwhile my dad kept calling her to do more for him. Ugh. He really needs to go into a nursing home. Not just because he's driving my mom nuts making her do everything and being a total selfish ass about it. But also because he does have some health issues that warrant constant attention. Some of which would require less attention if he would just take better care of himself. He needs to go in a home and she needs a vacation. The last time I spoke to her, she was feeling better. Resting a bit helped.

I finally got my deposit back from my old landlord, minus $160. $60 of that was because I actually moved out on the first, which I told him I was going to do, and I went back on the second to clean the place. If that's not enough, he took out $100 because he had to call a plumber and also because the tub was full of shit, literally. That tub was clean when I left, I made sure of that. There were pictures included with the check and the letter he sent me detailing what he found. It looks to me like in the time between I moved out and he came and inspected, a week, the sewer backed up into the tub. That happened once before, a few months after I moved in. And me and the landlord were plungering the toilet and tub drain hardcore. He was trying his damnedest then not to have to call a plumber. In the last few weeks I lived there the drains were slower and noisier than usual. Another thing he said in the letter was that the drains were plugged with hair. For anyone reading this that has never seen me out of drag, I shave the sides and back of my head. What is left on top is currently at the longest it has been in 2 years, almost shoulder length. How the hell did my hair clog a sewer line??? Total bullshit and big surprise when I called him, I got his voicemail.

He's trying to screw me here, no lube or even a reach around. I'm at odds with taking him to court over this, if it would even be worth it. Is there anything else I could do? Legally that is. Anyone I can go to? I can produce a witness on the tub. A friend of mine did help me move.

The next shocker (yeah bad pun) in the mail today was my electric bill. There was a balance forward of $200. I'd really like to know why but that won't happen until Monday. I had $180 left on my deposit before I moved, what happened to that?

Finally, while I was at my parents' house, I was putting up a fence that I have been working on for a few weeks. at this point I had everything done but the gate. It's going to be 2 gates this time, not one big one like they had. Should be easier for my mom to open and close. I got one gate up then it started to down pour. The weather has been something I have been fighting against with this entire project. I know there isn't much I can do about it, but it still pisses me off.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

So after a week in the new place

Life is pretty good and my finances are starting to find their way back on track. I've still got a lot of stuff in boxes but I have started decorating. I'm thinking there's going to be a lot of purple and black. Just what I'm seeing now.

My old landlord still has not paid me back my deposit. Last time I spoke to him was Wednesday. He was still out of town. Said he would be back in town on Thursday and would be checking the apartment and mailing my check then. I'm going to give him a call in the next day or 2 and see what the status is.

My laptop has been down. The AC adapter has been giving me trouble for a while, it finally died out totally. I bought a new one today. The good news is I have a laptop with a fully charged battery. The bad is that replacing it didn't cure the video problems I'm having and I have a feeling it's going to be the motherboard. So much for my idea that they were the result of an underpowered vid card. :(

To keep my sanity on the past 2 days I've had off, I've been working out in the fitness center and doing lots of design work on my DragonCon costumes. Most stuff is drawn, next is patterns, schematics and a materials list.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not quite how I like to get nailed

Mowed the lawn at my mom's today. Afterwards I moved some pieces of the old fence that I'm replacing from the driveway back to theyard to they can be picked up. As I was dragging the pieces of fence I stepped on a nail in one. Went pretty deep into my foot too. Hurt for about long enough for me to scream and shout a few obscenities. I just kept working, finished moving the pieces of fence, then tended to my wound. Wasn't too bad, cleaned it up with some rubbing alcohol and was on my way.

Didn't bother me on my walk to the bus stop or on my walk back to my apartment, but when I woke up this evening my foot was quite tender. And I wanted to work out too.

Knowing me it should be healed in a day or two.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Not really eventful day, but some things are on my mind

Got up this evening and hit the fitness center for an hour. Had a pretty good work out. I'm going to continue to do this every day. Saw some of the other tenants there. They all seemed like nice people. Property manager was getting a workout there too. Cool. I'd like to meet more people in the complex.

On my way to the bus stop, I stopped at the K-mart to pick up something to eat while at work. Got a little annoyed at the cashier when I was told that next time I have to leave my backpack at the counter. They said it's for their protection to keep things from being stolen from the store. I told her I like to keep it on me for my protection from things being stolen out of it. Seriously, I keep my laptop and my MP3player in there and I am not about to have either disappear in the care of K-mart employees. Besides I keep my money in there, so that's rather inconvenient for them. And finally, no other stores want to hold on to my bag, why does Kmart?

While waiting for the bus there was a few people their that were pretty downtrodden. At least one of them did have a place, I'm not sure about the others. They kept asking me for change and cigarettes. I'm once again attempting to quit smoking, so no cigs. I don't really have the money for them and I really should quit anyway. The fact that they jacked up the taxes on them again is enough to make me not want to smoke. If it's not obvious, I didn't give them any money either, though when the bus came I did pass another guy a quarter that came up a little short on bus fare. Another thing about these people, they has some items that they were taking to the stores (there's a Walmart across from the Kmart)to be returned. No receipts for the items though. I guessed they were stolen or bought somewhere else at a discounted price. They were even joking with each other about what excuse they were going to use for the receipt.

In my browsing of the different blogs I read, I noticed that a fundie pastor pulled his dick out of a choir boy long enough to put words in my mouth in response to some comments we have been throwing back and forth at each other. His actions remind me of something Voltaire was talking about in his most recent blog. It amuses me how quick people are to pass judgement on someone they know little about. And, yes, the reference above was an example of that.

At this point I'm expecting to have a long, boring night ahead of me. I think I'll do some writing and some design work.

Well since posting a public check list worked pretty good for me last month...

...Lets do another this month.

Now that I have moved, my intentions have turned toward DragonCon. I seriously cannot wait. I have a little under 2 months to get costumes together and make sure I have the money for this. This month I will be mostly focusing on the financial side of it. Moving has left me broke, I'm still waiting on my deposit from my old apartment as well. So I'm really poor at the moment.

  • Write up a new budget for monthly bills as things have seriously changed.
  • Fix my bike, this will keep me from having to ride the bus to and from work.
  • Design costumes, making efforts to keep costs down. Costumes will be constructed next month. I've got at least 3 sets of faerie wings plus quite a few accessories to make.
  • Work out in fitness center for a minimum of 1 hour every day. I want to look good.
  • As I have been doing, work to keep utility bills low.
  • Work to keep food cost down as well, but still eat healthy. And no eating out no matter how good the Chinese buffet down the road is.

I think that's about it, I may have to expand on this one a little but that's the gist of it. I'll probly be putting together a workout plan and setting some goals for that as well. Next month costume construction begins. I will be posting pictures. So keep an eye out for those. I got some really cool stuffs planned. Here's a cool how to vid I found featuring Emilie Autumn for a teaser.

BTW, if you have never been to Dragoncon, you should seriously go. Seriously.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I think I understand what his problem is.

I was thinking about this on the way to work today.

So Curtis has decided to continue his argument with me. Amusing. More amusing is that he has a friend joining him in the battle. Wow, 2 fundamentalist tough guys ganging up on me. That's almost flattering. But I think I know what the real issue they have with me is. Now I could be completely wrong, but it would seem to me that I'm really throwing a monkeywrench into their agenda.

Think about it. On the surface I'm a great target for them. I'm a teacher that happens to be bi and a drag queen. Sounds just like the kind of person they want to speak out against, am I right? These are fundies I'm dealing with here. Now here's the problem - I really do care about the kids that come into my classroom. That doesn't fit into their agenda. I would never harm a child in any way. That doesn't fit their agenda. I'm not in it for the money, which should be obvious, teacher pay sucks. Another thing that doesn't fit their agenda. I don't bring any social/political agenda into the classroom. Awww shit, there goes another thing that dos not fit their agenda.

They would like to have the whole world believe that all teachers are like the ones that are in the news stories on their blog. Idiots, paedophiles and other social rejects that even I will say had no business in the classroom. That helps push their anti-public school agenda. But I don't really help much with that, now do I? I think anyone that has actually gotten to know me would say not only do I belong in the classroom, there needs to be more teachers like me. Am I right?

But these guy didn't bother with getting to know me and instead ran wild with assumptions and accusations that very nicely fit into their agenda. In their mind, they have already condemned me. They will resort to lying if need be to keep me that way. I know they will. Ironically, they will label their lies "The Truth."

I know not what he is going to say next, I'm not sure if I even care, but I'll bet it will be chock full of word twists, lies, half-truths, false accusations with God being mentioned to justify it all.

I think Voltaire's "God Thinks" is in order here.

God Thinks - Voltaire

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Stop Bandwidth Caps (USA) - News - BattleClinic.com - Your online community for EVE Online, Freelancer, Starfleet Command and Jumpgate Evolution.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm a little pissed with my former landlord

I called him this morning and left a message, then I went over to the old place to give it a good cleaning as I really didn't have time to yesterday.

when I got home there was a message on the answering machine, telling me he was out of town and that I was supposed to be out on June 30th, but also that he wanted me to leave the key there on the counter with my new address. He's going to be sending me a check for me deposit.

I'm a little annoyed. I said I would be out on the first. I was out on the first. I went back to do some cleaning and return my key. Just as kind of a nice gesture. I couldn't call him on the first because my phone was not hooked up until almost 10 that evening and I thought it might be a little rude to call him that late. Excuse me for trying to be nice.

Him being out of town when he knew I was moving out also got me. I'm not saying he should hold up his travel plans for me, but it would have been nice to contact me prior. I'm not sure when he went away. I didn't see him at all on Tuesday or Wednesday. Which is a bit odd for him considering that he is always there on the first of the month looking for the rent. Also, when my neighbours were leaving, or supposed to be leaving, he was there nearly every day hounding them.

This is a very different case, possibly one he's not used to. I'm moving out on my own, he's not kicking me out. And he's the one that owes me money.

Still, I'm pissed, I need the money. I nearly broke myself moving in here.